Assistant County Attorney

Employer: Williamson County Attorney’s Office

Location: Georgetown, Texas

POSITION:    Assistant County Attorney  – Criminal Division

SALARY:      $82,871.36


Reporting directly to a Lead Attorney, responsible for all adult misdemeanor prosecutions from intake through the appeal process. The process includes screening new cases, making charging and filing decisions, representing the State of Texas in all court proceedings (arraignment dockets, announcement dockets, bench trials, jury trials, pre trial hearings, probation revocation hearings and appeals), plea negotiations, evidence review, trial preparation and witness interviews;

General Duties:

Ensures responsibilities for announcement and plea dockets to include handling cases in the court room that have been set on the court’s docket. Discuss cases with Defense Attorneys and Adult Probation Officers. Files court documents and responds to the Judge’s questions and requests.

Performs case intake, screening and follow up investigations to include reviewing police reports and evidence submitted by law enforcement agencies. Make investigative requests for additional evidence, decide on a charging decision and file charging instruments with the court.

Prepares and conduct contested court hearings to include reviewing evidence, interviewing witnesses, preparing trial motions, responding to defense motions, preparing trial exhibits and conducting the actual hearing itself (I.e. jury selection, opening statements, witness examination and closing arguments).

Ensures responsibility for plea negotiations and correspondence with Defense Attorneys to include reviewing evidence, reading criminal histories and police reports, submitting plea offers, negotiating specific terms and conditions and responding to discovery requests.

Performs legal research by reading State statutes and codes, analytical books, on line case research utilizing Lexis Nexis and specialized practice guides.

Interviews and communicates with victims and witnesses via telephone and in person by answering questions regarding the Juvenile Justice system.

Maintains responsibility for drafting legal documents such as motions, pleadings, orders, plea paperwork, legal memos, search warrants and administrative documents utilizing Odyssey and computer.

Represents the State in Justice of the Peace court to include going to one of the four JP Precincts on a weekly basis to process all criminal cases set for a pre trial or trial hearing, negotiating with Defense Attorneys and pro-se defendants and conducting bench and jury trials.

Communicates with County personnel, Elected Officials, Judges, Defense Attorneys, victims and witnesses of crime, law enforcement agencies and the general public.

Other duties as assigned by the County Attorney.


Doctorate in Jurisprudence from an accredited law school.  Must be currently licensed by the State Bar to practice law with 1 year experience and in good standing. Must pass a criminal background check. Ability to work in an office environment and interact effectively with others.

Candidates should be proficient in electronic legal research.  Candidates should possess superior communications skills.  Abilities to manage a considerable docket of active cases and consistently satisfy deadlines in the face of competing time demands are essential functions of the position.  The selected candidate must be able to demonstrate these skills and perform these functions with minimal direction from the County Attorney. 

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: Mainly indoor activity.  Significant contact with the public, crime victims, witnesses, persons accused/convicted of crimes, police officers, and other law enforcement /courthouse personnel.

About This Office

Williamson County is a medium size office serving approximately 28 law enforcement agencies including the City of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park and Georgetown. We are looking for a highly self-motivated, hardworking, compassionate individual who is dedicated to obtaining positive results in prosecuting criminal cases. Health and retirement benefits provided through Williamson County. State Bar dues, CLE and membership in TDCAA for the selected candidate will be paid by the County Attorney’s Office.


To be considered, interested candidates must submit an Employment Application online only thru Williamson County Human Resources at

Not every applicant will be interviewed.  No phone calls.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Employment is ALWAYS AT WILL of the County Attorney. 

Resumes may be emailed to:

Stephanie Lloyd, Office Administrator –  [email protected]

However, an application MUST be completed via Williamson County HR online portal.