Assistant County Attorney

Job Title:         Assistant County Attorney

Department:   Erath County Attorney’s Office

FLSA Status:    Exempt 

Positions Supervised:  Legal Secretaries and Clerk

JOB SUMMARY:  Responsible for legal tasks related both directly and indirectly to the prosecution of all misdemeanor and juvenile cases, revocations, appeals, post-conviction writs and representation of the state in Child Protective Services cases, Adult Protective Services cases, protective orders. 


            ♦ Intake, screening and preparation of complaints and arrest warrants for misdemeanor cases.

            ♦ Prosecute misdemeanor, juvenile cases and justice court cases before the Judge and Jury.

            ♦ Prepare briefs and prosecute direct appeals in State Appellate Courts.

            ♦ Prosecute post-conviction writs and collateral attacks.

            ♦ Coordinate investigative efforts with prosecution.

            ♦ Prepare and educate local law enforcement.

            ♦ Provide legal aid for local law enforcement.

            ♦ Intake, screening and representation of protective order applicants

            ♦ Perform plea bargain and relations with defense bar.

            ♦ Appear on behalf of the State in Child Protective Services cases, Adult Protective Services cases

Other requirements include duties as assigned within the scope of responsibility and skill required of the job. 

Criminal background check, psychological test, physical and drug screen required.


            ♦ Graduate of accredited law school.

            ♦ Admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas.

♦ Three to five years’ experience in criminal law.

♦ Valid Texas driver’s license.


♦ Interpersonal communication skills to work with public, law enforcement and victims.

♦ Strong negotiation and settlement skills.

♦ Must be dependable, detail oriented and confidential with cases.

♦ Computer and typing skills.

♦ Ability to efficiently operate office equipment.

♦ Ability to associate with all County departments in a professional manner.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Must be willing to be flexible with schedule and work extra hours, when needed.  Work is performed indoors.  May risk physical hazard from angry, unstable, violent and highly volatile prisoners and/or citizens, as well as from weapons.  There may be exposure to communicable diseases, illnesses and body fluids.  Required travel to the State Appellate Courts, required schools, some

crime scenes and other job-related duties.  This position has intermittent exposure to computer monitor.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Generally, this position requires light lifting, usually less than10 lbs. but can be up to 25 lbs. This position is basically sedentary but also requires standing, bending, stooping and stretching.