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Assistant Criminal District Attorney

Job opening in the Cass County Criminal District Attorney’s Office

Summary Statement of Work Performed: The Assistant Criminal District Attorney (ADA) will prosecute felony and misdemeanor cases assigned to the County Court at Law of Cass County, Texas. He/she will be responsible for receiving and reviewing new cases and preparing those cases for filing, either as a misdemeanor or felony. For felony cases, he/she will prepare indictments and present such cases to the grand jury. The ADA will be in charge of all pleadings and correspondence necessary for discovery and trial, or rejection and dismissal of such cases.

In addition to the above primary duties, the ADA is responsible for responding to and litigating all requests for occupational licenses, should they be opposed.

Lastly, the ADA may occasionally be required to fill in for the other attorneys in the office in handling mental commitments, hearings before the JP courts (including class C misdemeanor cases and bond hearings), juvenile cases, CPS Court, and/or Drug Court.


–  Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university

–  Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school. Recent law school graduates awaiting bar results may apply, but employment will be conditioned upon a passing result.

–  Currently licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and in good standing with the State Bar of Texas

Personal Job-Related Skills: Position requires a candidate capable of exercising sound legal and personal judgment, excellent analytical, communication, negotiation, and organizational skills.

Licensure, Registry or Certification: As stated above


Prior Work Experience: Prosecutorial and trial experience a definite plus, but not required.

Technical Training: Should be proficient in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Physical and Mental Requirements:

The individual should possess a thorough working knowledge of law enforcement and court procedures and practices. Must complete and pass a criminal background check and drug screen.

The salary for the Assistant CDA position is $65,000 (negotiable depending on applicant’s experience)

Benefits provided by the county include:

–  Paid sick leave and PTO

–  Health insurance paid by county for the employee

–  Work cell phone

–  Travel reimbursement

–  Competitive retirement package with employer matching

–  State Bar dues paid by employer

–  CLE and all trainings paid for by employer

Please see the PDF below for more information, how to obtain an application, and how to apply for the position.