Assistant District Attorney – Felony

Fannin County Criminal District Attorney


Description of Work

Serves as Assistant District Attorney handling felony cases in the 336th District Court of Fannin County, Texas. Proposed start date of October 1, 2018.


Salary is set by level of experience. Benefits include MCLE costs, bar dues, generous retirement, and health insurance.


Must be graduate of an accredited law school, licensed to practice law in the State of Texas, and be in good standing with the State Bar. Applicants must have good communication skills in legal writing, legal research, and negotiation and computer literacy. Applicants must have a working knowledge of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Texas Penal Code, and other relevant code sections as required in criminal prosecution. Must have dependable transportation with insurance as an additional covered party for required trips to various offices and court locations throughout Fannin County without reimbursement or other consideration;

4-5 years trial experience and bilingual (Spanish) is preferred, but not required;

Examples of Duties

  • Review and process the case packet for each felony criminal case filed by a police agency and initiate prosecution where appropriate;
  • Preparing and presenting cases to grand jury for indictment;
  • Attend docket calls and conduct plea bargain negotiations;
  • Reviews assigned cases, supervise preparation of paperwork, check all pleadings for accuracy, make timely issue of applications for subpoenas and prepares and files motions promptly and accurately;
  • Attend and direct consultations with court personnel, victims, witnesses,

defendants, defense attorneys and other criminal justice personnel;

  • Is responsible for all cases in his/her charge including the security of the file; upon the disposition of each case, properly completes the case file to show such disposition;
  • Prepares cases for jury or bench trials, including pretrial motions, orders, interviewing witnesses, preparing trial notebooks and jury charges;
  • Handles appellate work for all assigned cases; Please fax or email your resume to District Attorney Richard Glaser. Fannin County is located approximately 45 minutes – 1hour northeast of the Dallas- Ft. Worth Metroplex. The Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is located at 800 E. 2nd Street, Bonham, Texas 75418, Phone 903-583-7448, Fax: 903- 583-7682, Email: [email protected].