Assistant District Attorney -Prosecutor

POSITION:           Assistant District Attorney -Prosecutor

LOCATION:              Criminal District Attorney’s Office

                                    Wichita County Courthouse

SUPERVISORS:        Criminal District Attorney/First Assistant District Attorney/

                                    District Court Chief

HOURS:                     8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
                                    (Additional hours may be required.)

SALARY:                    $83,000.00 – $90,000.00 (Depending on qualifications) 

                                    (Plus County Benefits)

POSTING DATE:     July 2024

CLOSING DATE:     Open Until Filled


Serves as Assistant District Attorney – Prosecutor in the Wichita County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.


  • Reviews and processes the case packet for each criminal case filed by a police agency and initiates prosecution where appropriate.
  • Attends docket calls, conducts plea bargain negotiations, is well prepared on assigned cases, makes decisions promptly and keeps abreast of the law.
  • Must be of extremely high integrity and have a professional demeanor.
  • Demonstrates proper respect to the court at all times.
  • Reviews assigned cases, supervises secretaries in preparation of paperwork, checks all pleadings for accuracy, and makes timely issue of applications for subpoenas.  Prepares and files motions promptly and accurately.
  • Must be available for consultations with court personnel, victims, witnesses, defendants, defense attorneys and other criminal justice personnel.
  • Is responsible for all cases in his/her charge.
  • Prepares cases for jury or bench trials including pretrial motions, orders, interviewing witnesses, preparing trial notebooks and jury charges.
  • Competently tries cases before a jury or a judge.
  • Properly completes all papers including statements of fact for defendants sentenced to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice system.
  • Complies with the enforcement of the rules, regulations and policies of the District Attorney’s Office and the oral and written directives of his/her supervisors and the Texas Code of Professional Responsibility.
  • Performs all other job-related duties as assigned.


  • Must be a graduate of an A.B.A. accredited law school.
  • Must have a license to practice law in the State of Texas and be in good standing with the State and local bar associations.
  • Must have a basic knowledge of criminal law, procedure and criminal rules of evidence.
  • Must be of extremely high integrity and professional demeanor.
  • Must have knowledge of the principles and methods of legal research.
  • Must have the ability to analyze facts and case precedents and present them effectively in court.
  • Must be able to conduct self in a professional manner and develop and maintain good working relationships with visitors, clients, co-workers, attorneys, judges and County officials.
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical exam and drug test paid by Wichita County.
  • Must be able to pass a thorough background investigation conducted by Wichita County.


  • Must be able to occasionally lift and move loads weighing up to fifty (50) pounds.
  • Regular attendance and punctuality are mandatory.
  • Must be dependable and of good moral character.
  • Wichita County and the Criminal District Attorney’s Office is a non-smoking environment.


To be considered for employment, please complete the Employment Application found on the Wichita County Human Resources website at  Please submit your completed Wichita County Employment Application, cover letter, resume, transcript to:

Office of the Criminal District Attorney

Wichita County, Texas

ATTN: LaDonna Bedford

900 7th Street, Suite 352

Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

Or email to: [email protected]


EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER:  It is the policy of Wichita County to recruit, hire, train, and promote persons in all job categories without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.  It is the policy of Wichita County to consider qualified individuals according to ADAAA standards.  If notified in advance, requested accommodations will be considered.  Final reasonable accommodations will be determined in accordance with ADAAA standards by departments after appropriate consultation.  Rejected accommodations will be documented and retained on file.


TEXAS RELAY:  TDD (800) 735-2989, VOICE (800) 735-2988.  For candidates requesting Braille, Mobility requests, etc., please call (940) 766-8108.  HR/ADAAA Compliance Office, Wichita County Courthouse, 900 7th Street, Room 132, Wichita Falls, Texas 76301.




I have applied for employment with the Wichita County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.  It is my desire that they be informed as to my previous record and character in determining my qualifications and suitability for a position in that office.  For this specific reason, I authorize the release and full disclosure of any and all information that you may have concerning me, including information of a confidential or privilege nature to a duly authorized agent of the Wichita County Criminal District Attorney’s Office. 


The following are examples of the type of information being requested:


Criminal arrest records                                    Officer’s notebook notations                           Traffic citations

Court records/reports                                       Performance evaluations                                 Polygraph results

Traffic accident reports/records                    Detentions, field citations                                 Jail and custody information

Disciplinary reports                                          Probation/parole reports/records                  Other reports or records

Booking information                                         District Attorney records                                 Field interviews

Employment records                                         Credit history                                                      Laboratory reports/results


I authorize the Wichita County Criminal District Attorney’s Office to read, review, or photocopy any documents to allow them to assess my suitability as an employee of the office.


I also understand that if my background investigation for this position should uncover information that I have, or am suspected of having, or have been engaged in illegal activities, the information will likely bar me from further consideration for this position and the information will be handed over to the appropriate law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over investigating the illegal activity.


This waiver is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of my signature.  A photocopy of this notarized waiver is to be considered as valid as an original waiver even though it does not contain an original signature.


I hereby release you, your organization, and others from liability or damage which may result from furnishing the information requested.