Assistant General Counsel

The Houston Forensic Science Center (HFSC), ​is currently seeking an Assistant General Counsel. HFSC is an independent local government corporation created by the City of Houston’s Mayor and Council, to provide forensic services to the Houston Police Department.

Job Description

Reporting to the HFSC general counsel, the assistant general counsel is responsible for supporting the legal department in its efforts to ensure legal compliance in all aspects of HFSC operations. He/she will collaborate daily with the HFSC general counsel and HFSC operations, supporting the various legal needs of the corporation. Most common support is with the laboratory work product itself and helping analysts with issues and questions related to the support of forensic science results in legal proceedings. Under the guidance of the HFSC general counsel, the assistant general counsel will ensure sound legal advice and counsel is provided to staff members at all levels of the organization. He/she will perform professional and administrative legal functions. The position will not have any direct reports but will be expected to collaborate with staff across the organization. At the direction of HFSC’s general counsel, the assistant general counsel may appear as HFSC’s legal representative with external entities. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ensure legal compliance in all aspects of the mission and organization.
  • Assist the general counsel in preparing and participating in litigation and administrative hearings.
  • Under the supervision of the general counsel, provide legal advice and counsel to HFSC forensic staff members within the organization on a variety of legal issues.
  • Prepare legal documents, including, but not limited to briefs, pleading, motions, memorandums, and opinions on complex legal issues.
  • Research unique legal issues impacting the organization by identifying applicable statutes, rules, and judicial decisions.
  • Assist staff in resolving discovery issues and managing expunction petitions/orders.
  • At the direction of the general counsel, provide training to internal and external audiences on substantive legal topics, with a focus on HFSC staff training regarding expert testimony and forensic science issues in criminal litigation.
  • Assist in developing training, educational, and presentation materials for internal and external audiences, as well as participation in internal mock trials with staff.
  • In the absence of, or at the direction of the general counsel, attend internal and external meetings with staff, HFSC’s Board of Directors, and/or stakeholders.


  • A Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree is required. The incumbent must be licensed to practice law in the state of Texas, and in good standing. Additional education or training in forensic science, or a related field of science is a plus.
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience practicing law is required. Expertise in criminal litigation involving the forensic services that Houston Forensic Science Center provides to stakeholders, is strongly preferred.
  • Understanding of forensic science issues in litigation is required and preference will be given to candidates with demonstrated understanding of Brady, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Articles 38.01 and 39.14, and their implications for forensic laboratories.
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching and presenting legal issues to government employees and/or attorneys is strongly preferred
  • Additional legal experience representing a government client in non-criminal legal matters, is a plus. Understanding of legal matters such as employment law, municipal law and contracts is also a plus.

***A Cover Letter submission is required as part of the application process. Please describe your interest in this position and highlight any relevant qualifications***

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