Attorney II (Civil)

Attorney II (Civil) – County Attorney – 0715-1130

The Nueces County District Attorney’s Office has an opening for an assistant county attorney.

Performs routine civil legal services involving either litigation or non-litigation issues in the Nueces County Attorney’s office.


Perform legal research necessary for legal issues involving civil litigation or non-litigation issues affecting the county (election laws, public information, labor and employment law, contracts, right-of-way land acquisition, eminent domain, etc.).   Prepare written legal advisories as needed.
Screens and reviews cases, issues or contracts for legal and factual sufficiency and directs the gathering of additional information.
Conducts investigations and negotiations to determine best court or non-court action under the circumstances.
Prepares cases for trial or prepares legal questions or issues for other final legal disposition.
May litigate civil defense cases including but not limited to §1983 claims, Title VII claims, or Texas Tort claims.
May litigate Child Protective Services cases, Protective Order cases, or involuntary commitment cases, including conference with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services representatives, victims, family members, social workers, doctors, law enforcement and other witnesses.
Researches and briefs areas of the law specifically related to the cases(s) or issue and to any potential appeal.
Takes depositions, drafts and responds to discovery documents and assures the issuance or creation of related legal documents including subpoenas, motions and other related documents.
Confers with supervisor, clients, opposing attorneys, witnesses and other parties concerning discovery, preparation of legal documents and matters germane to case litigation or other appropriate disposition.
Responds to correspondence from clients and/or other persons making inquiry to or requesting information from the department.
Assists clerical and legal secretarial staff as needed.   
May supervise clerical or secretarial staff on the processing of assigned cases(s), legal issues, or contracts.
May assist in training subordinate attorneys.
May compile statistical reports and/or utilize the computer to process, retrieve and disseminate information.”
May monitor bond forfeiture docket and, where appropriate, litigate cases before the court, seeking default judgments, abstracts and execution on judgments.
Serves as a resource to other county departments on a variety of legal issues.
Presents cases before appropriate court and/or jury.
Drafts final orders, temporary orders, motions, or other court documents applicable to litigation of civil matters.
Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

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