The Hill County District Attorney’s Office has an opening for an Investigator.  This is a newly created position, and this office has no additional DA Investigators.

Qualified candidates must be able to investigate, gather, preserve, and present evidence, as well as analyze complex factual situations and make sound recommendations and conclusions.  The ability to use firearms appropriately and effectively is required.  Excellent written and oral communication skills, a strong work ethic, the ability to work well with others in a small office environment, and the ability to interact with courthouse personnel, attorneys, other law enforcement officers, and the public is necessary.  Candidates must have the ability to conduct business tactfully and effectively, and maintain confidentiality when appropriate.

Essential duties and responsibilities under the direction of the District Attorney include, but are not limited to:

Perform a wide variety of investigatory and law enforcement duties related to the investigation and prosecution of crime.

Locate and interview victims, witnesses, experts, and others to obtain information and data.  Take statements and confessions.

Prepare and execute search warrants and arrest warrants, and serve subpoenas and grand jury subpoenas.

Testify effectively in criminal trials and related proceedings.

Obtain evidence and documents from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, and obtain pen packs and criminal records from prison systems and court clerks. Obtain medical, financial, social media, and other records as needed.

Assist prosecutors in case preparation and presentation, discovery compliance, and in securing the appearance of witnesses for trial, hearings, and related procedures. Prepare reports to be used in the assessment and prosecution of criminal cases.

Transport victims, witnesses, and others as directed.

Photograph and video crime scenes, prepare charts, diagrams, and scale drawings.

Run criminal histories of suspects, witnesses, etc. 

Operate electronic equipment, use computers, maintain files, records, and logs as needed.

Maintain working relationships with other law enforcement agencies.  Liaison with local and out-of-county agencies.

Conduct investigations, surveillance, intelligence activities, and undercover operations, and assist local, state, federal, and out-of-state law enforcement agencies and multi-agency task forces with such activities, making arrests, and filing criminal cases.

A District Attorney Investigator is a sworn Texas peace officer. Applicants must have a Texas Peace Officer license, significant law enforcement related experience, and a valid Texas class C or higher driver license. Applicants must also possess knowledge of investigative methods, as well as state, local, and federal laws, and professional ethical codes and legal requirements that apply to attorneys. Must be a TLETS/CJIS operator or willing to undergo training to become a CJIS operator.

Salary is $47,500.  Full Hill County employee benefits, including insurance and retirement, will also be provided. 

Applicants are to submit a cover letter, resume, and Hill County application form.

Hill County Application forms may be obtained from the Hill County website by clicking on employment opportunities, then clicking on career opportunities, then scrolling to near the bottom of the page and clicking on the Hill County Employment Application link, or by contacting the Hill County Treasurer at  (254) 582-4050.

Applicants should deliver their cover letter, resume, and Hill County Employment Application form to (may be submitted by email, mail, hand-delivery, or fax):

By email
[email protected]          

By mail:     
Mark Pratt 
Hill County District Attorney
PO Box 400
Hillsboro, TX  76645

By hand-delivery:
Office of the District Attorney
Hill County Courthouse
100 N. Waco Street
Hillsboro, TX

By fax:
(254) 582-4036