Job Posting – Investigator

Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office

The office of the Ellis County & District Attorney, located in Waxahachie, has an opening for an experienced Investigator.  The duties of this office include prosecuting all adult and juvenile criminal offenses in the jurisdiction, providing civil legal representation to the Department of Family and Protective Services, and serving as legal counsel to Ellis County and its elected officials and department heads. 

Investigators in this office provide support to all areas of operation.  Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

            • assisting law enforcement agencies with criminal investigations
            • conducting independent public integrity investigations for local law enforcement agencies
            • fingerprint identification and comparison, and testifying in court on that subject
            • working with attorneys to prepare cases for presentment to the Grand Jury and trial
            • providing security for the office and its personnel

In addition, candidates for this position must have strong people skills and a demonstrated history of working successfully in a collaborative environment; strong written and verbal communication skills; must be proficient with common, contemporary technology and computer software, e.g., smartphones, Word, and PowerPoint.

Investigators in this office must adhere to the legal and ethical requirements imposed upon attorneys.  As an agent of those attorneys the investigator must keep current on those requirements.      

Eligible candidates must be certified peace officers in the State of Texas, in good standing with TCOLE. 

Experience as an investigator in a prosecutor’s office is preferred.  Bilingual Spanish is a plus.

The annual wage is $62,906.00, non-negotiable.  The position will be available January 4, 2021.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, references, and any supporting documents in PDF format via email only to:

Bryan Norris
Chief Investigator
Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office
[email protected]