Description of Work

General Definition:  Employee is responsible for collecting relevant facts related to cases filed and to provide investigative services for prosecutors in the Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office including interviewing witnesses/victims, taking statements, maintaining evidence locker, assisting with scheduling witnesses for trial and prepares and serves subpoenas. 

Supervision received:    Texas Government Code Section 41.109—the Investigator reports directly to the Criminal District Attorney and has the same authority as the Sheriff of the county.

Examples of Duties

  • Works closely with the elected Criminal District Attorney and ADAs assisting in review of cases set for trial;
  • Marshalling witnesses;
  • Generate and serve subpoenas issued by the Criminal District Attorney’s Office and file returns;
  • Maintain a close working relationship with law enforcement;
  • Photograph victims of domestic violence follow-up cases;
  • Locate witnesses/victims that have moved;
  • Provide security for victims/witnesses at criminal proceedings;
  • Request judgment and sentences on prior convictions;
  • Check background of witnesses that may be used during trial;
  • Assist prosecutors during jury selection;
  • Give testimony at Grand Jury;
  • Compiles records of criminal history for inclusion with felony cases;
  • Work closely with Victims Assistance Coordinator in lodging of witnesses;
  • Attend meetings with victims and witnesses;
  • Request PEN packets—prison records; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Criminal District Attorney.


  • Prior law enforcement experience;
  • Certified Peace Officer – TCOLE;
  • Proficient in use of a firearm;
  • TCOLE #3855; and
  • Basic finger prints – identification and comparison preferred.

Fannin County is located approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour northeast of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.  The Fannin County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is located at 800 East Second Street, Bonham, Texas 75418.  Phone 903-583-7448; Fax 903-583-7682.

Please fax or email your resume and a cover letter to Criminal District Attorney Richard E. Glaser.  Email to [email protected].