Investigator – Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office

County:  Lubbock

Job Description: 

  • Perform all duties as a Peace Officer according to the law
  • Receive and review cases from Assistant District Attorneys.
  • Identify and locate victims and/or witnesses conduct follow-up interviews.
  • Apply for and serve subpoenas, Federal bench warrants and request certified records.
  • Notify law enforcement personnel/witnesses of trial proceedings and dates..
  • Conduct criminal history checks on all State’s prospective jurors, witnesses and defendant.
  • Assist prosecutor in jury selection process.
  • Set-up trial exhibits, audio and video equipment.
  • Testify as expert witness, if called.

Skills Required:  The person hired has to be a licensed Peace Officer and will need a working knowledge of Texas laws and their applications; the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, and the legal system in general.  He/she will need to be familiar with software applications, such as Power Point, Word and Excel.  Proficiency with firearms (safe operation), still and video cameras, and fingerprint techniques is expected.  The investigator will communicate effectively and professionally in all dealings with parties involved in an investigation.

Education & Experience:  High School graduate or higher with appropriate licensing.

Salary:  Based on experience with a full benefits package

Interest applicants will send resume and cover letter to Michelle Moore at [email protected]

Or mail to:

PO Box 10536
Lubbock, Texas  79408

*Not all applicants will be interviewed.*