Misdemeanor Prosecutor II

Misdemeanor Prosecutor II

Class Title

Misdemeanor Prosecutor II

Class Code



$73,717.00 – $92,145.00 Annually

General Statement of Job

The Misdemeanor Prosecutor II performs professional legal work and administrative services for the legal department of assignment. Work involves prosecuting jury and non-jury trials and/or negotiating settlements, and preparing various briefs, motions, and other legal devices, as necessary. Employee is also responsible for performing legal research in the preparation of trials, assisting in preparation and management of court dockets, and assisting and advising law enforcement personnel in the preparation of search and arrest warrants.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties:

Attends daily docket call, consulting weekly docket list and obtaining and reviewing appropriate case files; advises courtroom of docket call procedures.

Answers phones and inquiries regarding witness issues and case status.

Performs various administrative duties associated with managing a docket of active cases, including docket management and new case management.

Prepares and conducts hearings on probation revocations and adjudications of guilt; prepares and conducts open plea hearings, motions to suppress, and other hearings scheduled in the assigned court.

Participates in all phases of court trial, including the opening statement, the presentation of the State’s case, rebut of the defense’s case if one is presented, and the punishment phase of the trial.

Advises unrepresented defendants of rights and plea options; completes paperwork for pleas; obtains pleas or requests for appointed attorneys from defendants, as appropriate.

Prepares and requests bond forfeiture and arrest warrants for defendants not appearing as scheduled in court.

Prepares misdemeanor cases for trial, including reviewing case files, advising and negotiating, providing discovery, conferring with law enforcement and judicial personnel, following up with witnesses after trial to inform them of outcome and ways to improve testimony, locating witnesses and defendants, interviewing victims and witnesses, performing legal research, conferring with victims and their families, investigating incidents, visiting crime scenes, and examining physical evidence.

Requests preparation of jury charges; prepares voir dire examination; reviews jury list and conducts jury selection.

Participates in mental hearings as necessary.

Performs a variety of administrative duties in support of the court and department; oversees process for new case intake as necessary.

Regular and punctual attendance is required.

Nonessential Duties:

Performs other related duties as required.

Education, Experience, and Licenses

Doctorate degree required for this position.

Must possess a license to practice law in the State of Texas.

Must be able to pass a State Criminal History background check.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Requires general knowledge of legal research and investigation methodology, judicial procedure, and rules of evidence.
  • Requires general knowledge of statutory provisions applying to rules of order.
  • Requires general knowledge of County government structure and operations.
  • Requires general knowledge of the current literature, trends and developments in the fields of criminal and governmental law.
  • Requires working knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of civil law, especially as related to County government.
  • Requires the ability to perform comprehensive legal research.
  • Requires the ability to interpret and apply complex laws and court decisions, and to use legal source material in technical research.
  • Requires the ability to prepare and maintain complex files and records.
  • Requires the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships as necessitated by work assignments.
  • Requires the ability to use computers for word processing and/or accounting purposes.
  • Requires the ability to use small office equipment, including copy machines or multi-line telephone systems.
  • Requires the ability to use computers for data entry.

Physical Demands/Work Environment

Must be physically able to operate a variety of machinery and equipment. Must be able to exert a negligible amount of force to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects. Must have minimal levels of eye, hand, and foot coordination. Requires the ability to see, smell, hear, and speak as well as color and depth perception. Position requires the ability to lift more than 60 pounds.


The above job profile does not include all essential and nonessential duties of this job. All employees with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Human Resources Department to review and discuss the essential and nonessential functions of the job. An employee with a disability can evaluate the job in greater detail to determine if she/he can safely perform the essential function of this job with or without reasonable accommodation.


Job profiles are not intended, nor should they be construed to be, an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, tasks, skills, efforts, working conditions, or similar behaviors, attributes or requirements associated with a job. A job profile is not a comprehensive job description. It is intended for the sole purpose of acquainting a person who is unfamiliar with such position with a brief overview of the position’s general direction and scope. This position profile is intended for internal use only.

Applications to be sent to Lindsey Sheguit, [email protected]