2019 Annual Report just released

By Rob Kepple
TDCAF & TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

The Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation has published its 2019 Annual Report, and it’s entitled “Turning the Corner.”

That’s because after years of steady growth, we have some exciting events planned for 2020. I’ll let you read the report yourself for the specifics (it’s below), but it has to do with new offerings from the Prosecutor Management Institute (PMI).

            The Foundation was created in 2006 to support the training efforts of TDCAA, and since that time it has provided valuable support for advanced advocacy training, victim services, and most recently PMI. Most importantly, the Foundation has served as an organization that can devote funding to special projects that need development, such as the online Brady training, our soon-to-be-filmed victim assistance coordinator video, implicit bias training modules, and of course PMI’s courses. These are the kind of projects that desperately need “seed” money to get off the ground, and the Foundation has been there to provide it.  

            It is gratifying to see the support that the Foundation has from you, Texas prosecutors. Including the growing endowment fund, the Foundation topped a million dollars of available funds. Thanks for your support of the profession, and go check out 2019’s Annual Report to find out what the Foundation has been up to.