Victim services consultations by Zoom

By Jalayne Robinson, LMSW
TDCAA Victim Services Director

At TDCAA, as the Victim Services Director, my primary responsibility is to assist elected prosecutors of Texas, Victim Assistance Coordinators (VACs), or other prosecutor office staff members in providing support services for crime victims in their jurisdictions. I am available to provide victim services training and technical assistance to you via phone, by e-mail, or during our current COVID-19 pandemic by videoconference via Zoom. The services are free of charge.  

            My first Zoom meeting was with Bruce Bailey, the new VAC in the Rusk County District Attorney’s Office. Bruce had been with the office for only a couple of weeks and was eager to learn more about his duties and responsibilities to crime victims in his jurisdiction. Zoom proved to be pretty easy and the next best thing to sitting next to Bruce in his office and walking him through his duties. During the meeting, I was able to share and review documents with Bruce in real time. How cool is this!  

            TDCAA’s Executive Director Rob Kepple even popped in to welcome Bruce and to wish us well on TDCAA’s first victims services assistance Zoom!

            If you would like to schedule a Zoom videoconference with me to discuss victim services, please email me at [email protected] .com and we can schedule a date and time for training. I also offer group training, which includes a PowerPoint presentation through Zoom. Many VACs across Texas are taking advantage of this free offer. 

            Here is a Zoom FAQ link to review before we start: Zoom also requires an Internet connection, speakers, a microphone, and a webcam. Please let me know how I may be of assistance to you and your office!