July-August 2018

A gift in memory of someone special

Rob Kepple

TDCAF and TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

I have had the privilege of serving with and getting to know many legends in our profession. So many people have dedicated themselves to doing justice as prosecutors, and I like to think we walk on a path that they paved with their dedication to a cause. When one of those folks passes, I choose to honor them with a modest gift to the foundation in their memory. To me, it is a way to continue to build on the legacy of those who have toiled in the courthouses before us, for the betterment of future generations of prosecutors.   

Train the Trainer
With the support of the Foundation, TDCAA produced another successful Train the Trainer in Fredericksburg. This time we trained 37 people, which included eight Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors from other states. We were able to bring these folks in thanks to a mini-grant from the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators.
    This training continues to be a cornerstone of our success. We have so many subject matter experts in our profession, and once you give our experts the tools to pass on their knowledge, great trainings follow. Thanks to the Foundation for continuing to support this vital program!