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May-June 2022

Help for filling vacant attorney positions

By Gregg Cox
TDCAA Assistant Training Director in Austin

TDCAA’s Long-Range Planning Committee met in Austin in March to talk about the next five years (and beyond) for the association. One thing that everyone had on their minds, no matter how big or small their offices are, was their difficulties in filling vacant attorney positions. To help prosecutor offices match with potential employees, we have compiled the following information to share.

            Many offices have vacancies that need to be filled now. Most Texas law schools go beyond just serving students to also provide career services to recent graduates and other alumni. The career services offices allow employers to post positions, at no cost, on their online job boards that students and alumni can search. Posting a position with the school may give you immediate access to an already licensed attorney who is searching for a job. In the school-specific information summarized below, we have included information about how to contact those career services offices and post positions.

            With respect to traditional recruiting on campus, some people think that only large prosecutor offices have the resources to participate in on-campus interviews (OCIs). It may surprise you to learn that most law schools now support virtual interviews, which allow employers to meet and interview students and recent graduates without having to be physically present at the law school. Smaller offices may find that this option provides opportunities that didn’t exist even a few years ago. Additionally, when you sign up to participate in a recruiting program as an employer, most schools provide a résumé collection service.

            Below is general information about the timing of OCIs and recruiting periods for each of the Texas law schools, along with links to their websites. We have also included information on a couple of public interest career fairs. This article was written in April 2022, so check the law schools’ webpages for any updates as the dates for OCIs and recruiting programs draw nearer (and in future years). Recruiting efforts for third-year students are mostly focused on the summer and fall, but registration to participate in most of those programs is already open or will open very soon. If you are interested in participating, you should act now.

University of Texas School of Law

On-campus interviews are held in the spring, summer, and fall. Interviews can be done virtually using the Flo Recruit platform. Registration for summer interviews (August 1–5) and fall interviews (October 3–7) may already be open. Employers should contact the school directly if interested in participating. Find more information at and Prosecutors may post current positions on UT’s job board at

Texas Tech Law School

On-campus interviews for 2022 will be conducted August 10–19, September 14–23, and October 12–21. The school offers virtual interviews using a variety of platforms including Zoom, Teams, Skype, and Go-To-Meeting. Employer registration to participate in interviews is open now, and Tech will collect résumés and send them to employers who sign up. Information about signing up for interviews is at Prosecutors may post a current position on TTU’s job board at

Baylor Law School

On-campus interviews for 3Ls and alumni will be August 18–19 and November 3–4. Virtual interviews are on August 17 and will be conducted using the Flo Recruit platform. Employers can register to participate at Prosecutors may post a current position on Baylor’s job board by following the instructions at

Southern Methodist University’s Dedman Law School

On-campus interviews are held August 1–12 with virtual interviews through Flo Recruit on August 4 and August 8–12. Employer registration is open now and closes July 5. The school will also do in-person interviews in Houston on August 5, and employer registration is open now. Fall interviews will be October 3–7, and employer registration is open now. More information is at Prosecutors may post a position on the SMU job board at

University of Houston Law Center

Houston has not updated its on-campus interview information for all of 2022. The first round of OCIs will happen August 1–5, and registration is open now. Two additional rounds of OCIs will take place later in 2022, and the dates are to be determined. More information is at .edu/career/employer/oncampus.asp. Prosecutors may post a position on the job board at

Texas A&M Law School

The first session of OCIs will be August 1–12, and the deadline for an employer to register is June 26. The second session will be October 3–7, and the deadline to register is September 4. Information about how to register as an employer is at Prosecutors may post a position on their job board at

Saint Mary’s School of Law

On-campus interviews are not a scheduled event at St. Mary’s. Instead, the school has fall and spring recruitment programs where officials help connect students and employers for interviews. The fall recruitment program will be in August, September, and October. Information about how to participate in the recruitment program is at Information about posting on the job board is on the same page.

South Texas College of Law in Houston

South Texas also has fall and spring recruitment programs instead of scheduled on-campus interviews. Fall recruitment is in August and September. Information about how to participate as an employer is at Prosecutors may post a position on their job board on that same page.

Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University

The career services website doesn’t have a lot of information, but the link for employers is

University of North Texas Dallas College of Law

The office of career and professional development has information about recruitment and a Symplicity link for employer job postings at

Career fairs

If you can participate in only one on-campus interview event, consider the Public Service Career Fair hosted by the University of Texas School of Law. It is the largest such event in the state, and students from all Texas law schools are allowed to participate. It is held in February with virtual interviews through the Flo Recruit platform. Employer registration for next year should open in October. More information is at

            You may also consider posting on the Equal Justice Works Career Fair website. This group caters specifically to public interest employers and will hold a career fair with virtual interviews later in 2022. Registration will open May 17, and information about how to participate is at