November-December 2009

Help from the IRS on gambling cases

The Internal Revenus Service offers training and support for law enforcement and prosecutors dealing with gambling cases. What follows is an email from IRS agent Joe Kingeter detailing what the agency can offer.

“We are making law enforcement and prosecutors aware of our program and the benefits we can provide. There is federal excise tax of 2 percent of the gross wagers accepted by an illegal bookmaker, specifically for the activities of illegal sports betting and illegal lotteries. Any old or new cases that you may be willing to submit to us would be greatly appreciated. There is no statute of limitation on these cases so it can be several years old. Some of the assistance that we offer are:

  • Training: We have provided training to numerous law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI in the science of illegal sports betting and how to identify and interpret records, sports wagering theory, etc. I have been authorized to begin planning for a class to be held this spring. Our goal is to teach IRS agents and local law enforcement about sports betting. The IRS will pay the airfare, hotel, and food for those selected to attend.
  • Case support: trained IRS Excise Agents for any assistance you may need with an ongoing criminal investigation of an illegal bookie.
  • Civil enforcement: Assess the civil excise tax against any bookmaker whose case you may have (old or new). The tax applies to illegal sports betting and lotteries.
  • Contacts with law enforcement: Excise Tax has been able to establish contacts with the FBI and numerous law enforcement agencies which we can provide if the need ever arises. We also do outreach presentations to any interested law enforcement agencies.

Please feel free to call me at 410/725-1559 or e-mail joseph [email protected] with any questions regarding our program. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration.