September-October 2011

Help us celebrate TDCAF’s 5th anniversary

Jennifer Vitera

TDCAF Development Director in Austin

We would like to thank you, our TDCAA members, the TDCAA Board of Directors, TDCAF Board of Trustees, and TDCAF Advisory Committee for five successful years of leadership and support. Please help us celebrate this year by making a contribution to the 2011 Annual Campaign.

Annual ­Campaign ­membership ­challenges

By now you should have received the 2011 Annual Campaign brochure or postcard, which is your invitation to be a part of the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation. The foundation is committed to continuing and improving the excellence TDCAA provides in educating and training Texas prosecutors, law enforcement, and key personnel.

    This year will be our second annual campaign membership fundraising challenge. It looks like our investigators are in the lead again this year (see the pie chart below), but there is still time to contribute. Just like last year, we’ve got two different fundraising goals for our membership groups, one for investigators, key personnel, and victim assistants and one for elected prosecutors.

    For the first goal, three of our membership groups (investigators, key personnel, and victim assistance coordinators) have stepped up to challenge each other in their fundraising efforts. We will track the results based on dollars raised compared to percentage of membership in each of these groups. We will feature a bimonthly update on who’s leading the way on our website and in The Texas Prosecutor.

      For the second goal, we are asking for 100 percent support from all 333 elected prosecutors across the state (either through a personal unrestricted gift or a restricted gift) to the Annual Campaign. You can make a pledge that can be paid out through December 31, 2011. Please take a look at the brochure we mailed you for more information.

Reasons to give

Why should you give to the foundation? There are many reasons; here is what one member had to say. 

    “Rural district and county attorneys’ offices are the backbone of TDCAA and the foundation. I have seen both evolve and respond to our concerns and needs. Active support of the foundation allows Texas’ prosecutors to reap maximum continuing education benefits without major expense to our offices. TDCAA’s training has provided the novice touch-typist with the knowledge and confidence to publish PowerPoint presentations to a jury. We are trained by the best of the best.

    “Not once in 12 years have I been disappointed in TDCAA’s instructors. They answer both the difficult and less complex questions with ease. The relationships formed with these very fine prosecutors make every one of us blessed to be prosecuting in Texas and blessed to be a part of TDCAA. The citizens of my small town expect justice! TDCAA and the foundation support us in our challenge to seek justice. Do your part and support the foundation.” —Martha Warner, District Attorney in Bee, Live Oak, and McMullen Counties

    For additional reasons to consider supporting your foundation or to view the Annual Campaign brochure or 2010’s Annual Report, please visit

PowerPoint for the Courtroom

Here’s your chance to polish your courtroom presentation skills while supporting the foundation! This CD walks through almost every element of PowerPoint, from creating new slides to importing and editing video clips. It’s a must-have for every office, and it’s only $25! Thanks to the generosity of Todd Smith, chief investigator in the Criminal District Attorney’s Office in Lubbock County, the foundation will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this disk. So order today at

Leadership Texas update

I had the privilege of traveling to Corpus Christi to hear an update on our state’s environment, including policy and practice on water, air, and the coast, plus a very informative update on the status of the Deepwater Horizon disaster by Dr. Wes Tunnell (of Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi).

    I would like to thank Yolanda de Leon (TDCAF Board Member) for setting up an introduction meeting in McAllen during this time.

Other fundraising efforts

We still need supporters for our domestic violence training initiative! We are looking for corporate and foundation partners from across the state to reach our total budget goal for this program, which is $100,000. In the last issue of this journal, we mentioned Dow Chemical’s support of the Family Violence Manual, but we still need additional contributions.

     Please contact Jennifer Vitera at [email protected] if there is someone in your area we can meet.