January-February 2010

Hidalgo County steps up for the foundation

The District Attorney’s Office in Hidalgo County recently shipped off a thick envelope full of checks and five-dollar bills to our headquarters in Austin. The elected CDA, Rene Guerra, who is also on the TDCAA board, had asked for donations of any amount for the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation.

“At the last board meeting, they were asking for 100-percent participation from every office,” Guerra explained, “and I felt that it was time to step in and ask people not just to talk about donating but to actually do it.” He himself kicked in $100 to prime the pump, then Roy Cazres and Roxana Segovia went around to collect money from everyone else. The office raised more than $600 for the foundation.

He noted that times are tough everywhere—Hidalgo County is operating at deficit spending right now, and no one is getting a salary increase this year—but that “you have to step up. Anybody in any office in this state can afford five dollars,” Guerra said adamantly. “That’s less than one drink at a bar after work. A hamburger at a restaurant is more than five dollars! You can go without the hamburger. Five dollars isn’t going to kill anybody.

“I hope everybody gets in the spirit.”

We are so grateful to the Hidalgo County CDA’s Office for this generous display—thank you so very much!