November-December 2012

Honoring the Founding Fellows of the Texas Prosecutors Society

Jennifer Vitera

TDCAF Development Director in Austin

The Foundation is honoring our Founding Fellows (listed below) of the Texas Prosecutors Society at this year’s Elected Prosecutor Conference Wednesday, December 5. This elite group has committed both money and time to the newly formed Texas Prosecutors Society, whose purpose is to establish an endowment for the Foundation. We thank you for your leadership and support!
    Every year we will invite a new class of 50 honorees to participate in the Texas Prosecutors Society. Invitations for 2013 will go out in November 2012.

Founding Fellows of the Texas Prosecutors Society

Richard B. Alpert
Bernard W. Ammerman
Gordon V. Armstrong
Eduardo Arredondo
Patrick C. Batchelor
Diane Beckham
Robert Newton Bland, IV
Dan M. Boulware
Kathleen A. Braddock
John M. Bradley
Richard W. Brainerd
Thomas L. Bridges
C. Scott Brumley
Katherine A. Cabaniss
Stephen H. Capelle
The Honorable James L. Chapman
Tim Cole
J. Michael Criswell
Norma Davenport
A. W. Davis, Jr.
Yolanda De Leon
Gianna M. DeBottis Metts
John P. Dodson
Scott A. Durfee
Laurie K. English
David A. Escamilla
Jaime E. Esparza
Knox Fitzpatrick
Gerald A. Fohn
Michael E. Fouts
Jack C. Frels
Robert Wayne Gage
Henry L. Garza
The Honorable Larry Gist
Jesse Gonzales, Jr.
The Honorable Gerald A. Goodwin
H. E. Bert Graham
Michael J. Guarino, Jr.
Rene A. Guerra
Anton E. Hackebeil
Tom Hanna
Russell Hardin, Jr.
The Honorable Ira Royal Hart
Dan Wesley Heard
John Staley Heatly
Fred S. Hernandez
Michael J. Hinton
John B. Holmes, Jr.
William Lee Hon
Bruce Isaacks
Micheal E. Jimerson
Ed C. Jones
The Honorable James H. Keeshan
Rob Kepple
The Honorable W. C. “Bud” Kirkendall
The Honorable Oliver S. Kitzman
Tom Krampitz
James M. Kuboviak
The Honorable James E. “Pete” Laney
Robert Charles Lassmann
Crawford Long
Doug Lowe
Barry L. Macha
Betty Marshall
Richard J. Miller
Mindy Montford
John A. Neal
Kimbra Kathryn Ogg
Rene M. Peña
Lisa L. Peterson
G. Dwayne Pruitt
The Honorable Susan D. Reed
Steven E. Reis
Fred G. Rodriguez
Vincent R. Ryan, Jr.
Joe Shannon, Jr.
Randall Coleman Sims
Ken Sparks
Johnny Keane Sutton
Marcus D. Taylor
The Honorable F. Duncan Thomas
Sherri K. Tibbe
William R. Turner
Carol S. Vance
Janice L. Warder
Martha Warren Warner
David P. Weeks
L. E. “Ted” Wilson, III
Mark Yarbrough

Golf tournament and silent auction
The 2012 Annual Golf Tournament and Silent Auction hosted by the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation grossed over $11,000 in donations. Thank you to our generous sponsors, donors and participants—we appreciate your support! Proceeds from the annual event will benefit the 2012 Annual Campaign.
    The team of Matthew Banister, Mark Hanna, Wes Wittig, and Pancho Lopez came in first. Lisa McMinn won for the best plaid outfit, Alfonso Lopez for the longest putt, and Marc Chavez for the longest drive. Thank you to everyone who participated!

2012 Annual Campaign
As we wrap out another year, we hope you will consider contributing to our 2012 Annual Campaign whose theme is, “It is more blessed to give than to receive, to serve than to be served.” We at the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation know both of these truths all too well—that’s what we do!
    Just to name a few things, in the last four years we’ve funded our Train the Trainer seminar and the Advanced Trial and Appellate Advocacy Courses; published the Domestic Violence Training Manual and Offense Report Manual and sent them free to all prosecutor offices; put on two DWI Summits; sponsored last year’s Intoxication Manslaughter Course; updated the TDCAA website; and hired a victims services director and a senior appellate attorney. We even reimburse folks in your office who attend our seminars for part of their food and hotel expenses.
    The Foundation is always at your service, so please consider giving so that many others can receive. Please use the attached envelope to mail in your donation or give on our website,, to show your support.
    Our goal is to have 100 percent support from every member of TDCAA. You may designate your gift for training or books, make a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one, or make an unrestricted gift for general operations.

DWI Summit sponsors
Our third DWI Summit will be broadcast November 15 on Anheuser-Busch’s satellite network in cities across Texas and 10 other states. Thank you to this year’s sponsors, Anheuser-Busch, the Texas Department of Transportation, Smart Start and LifeSafer.