November-December 2013

Jaime Esparza wins national recognition for DV work

Jaime Esparza, the 34th Judicial District Attorney in El Paso County, has been honored with the 2013 Paul H. Chapman Award for his work on behalf of crime victims. The award from the Foundation for Improvement of Justice is given each year to a select few from around the nation, and it recognizes and rewards individuals or organizations whose innovative programs and work have made improvements in the various systems of justice.
Esparza received his award at the Foundation’s 28th awards banquet on Saturday, September 28 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta.
Jaime was honored for creating an innovative, first-in-the-nation program called 24-Hour Contact, which is meant to move family violence crimes more quickly and efficiently through the criminal justice system and to hold family violence offenders accountable for their acts of criminal violence. Within 24 hours of an arrest, a victim advocate and an investigator will visit the victim with the sole purpose of assessing her well-being and offering information on resources. Within the 24-hour period, critical evidence is collected: photographs from the visit, the 911 call, a video from police dispatched to the scene, criminal history of the offender—in essence the DA’s office is ready to go to trial within 24 hours of the crime. Most importantly, the victim receives an in-person visit to offer care and information to know she is supported by the justice system.
The Foundation for Improvement of Justice Inc., is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1984 for the purpose of improving local, state, and federal systems of justice within the United States of America. Each year, the foundation accepts nominations for the Paul H. Chapman award. Winners receive a check for $10,000, the Paul H. Chapman medal, a Commendation Bar Pin, a certificate of appreciation, and an invitation to an awards banquet. Read more about the nomination process and the work of the foundation at