The Texas Prosecutor, Jan-Feb 2018

KP and VS board merger and elections

In 2016, TDCAA’s Long-Range Planning Committee met to set the course for the association over the next five years. One goal was to merge the Key Personnel and Victim Services boards into a single board that had adequate representation from both key personnel and victim assistance coordinators (VACs).
    At November’s KP-VAC Seminar in Houston, members approved (by a vote) the merger, and elections were also held for the East Area (Regions 5 and 6) and South Central Area (Regions 4 and 8). Congratulations to Jessica Saldana (Region 4—KP) of the Nueces County DA’s Office and Sherry Magness (Region 6—VAC) of the Smith County Criminal District Attorney’s Office! They were elected to serve on the new Key Personnel-Victim Services (KP-VS) Board beginning January 1, 2018.
    Two additional representatives (one KP and one VAC representative) will be chosen each year by the president of the TDCAA Board of Directors and the chair