May-June 2008

Kyson Johnson honored by A Texas Advisory Council on Arson

Kyson Johnson, a special assistant in the specialized crime division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, has been named Prosecutor of the Year by A Texas Advisory Council on Arson (ATAC). Johnson was honored for his work in fighting cases of arson and insurance fraud in Texas.

Johnson is the first prosecutor from the Texas Department of Insurance’s Fraud Unit to work for a district attorney in the fight against insurance fraud. An Iraq war veteran, Johnson presented 24 cases for indictment dealing with insurance fraud, theft, and securing execution of a document by deception during his first three months with the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. In 2007, Johnson garnered 52 indictments, 34 convictions, $54,000 in fines, and $641,000 in restitution.

His most notable case in 2007 dealt with a staged accident ring where he successfully convicted all nine defendants who had staged 72 automobile accidents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and had defrauded 21 insurance companies. Congratulations on this honor!