January-February 2008

Looking ahead to a successful 2008

Emily Kleine

TDCAF Development Director

What a phenomenal year 2007 was at the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation! Nearly 18 months since its inception, the foundation has far surpassed expected outcomes. The 2007 charter annual campaign was a great victory, and we look forward to 100 percent participation from all TDCAA members in 2008.

In November, I visited the Panhandle to meet with several potential contributors. Randall Sims, District Attorney in Potter County, led the way in “localizing the ask” (non-profit parlance for teaming up with a prominent community member, such as Mr. Sims, in requesting contributions). With Randall’s help, we were able to secure new corporate and private money. I look forward to coming to many more districts in 2008 to join forces with TDCAA members in getting the word out about TDCAF and TDCAA.

In March, the first-ever Champions for Justice event will be held in Fort Worth at the home of TDCAF Advisory Board Member, Sherri Wallace Patton. It’s the first of four such events we plan to host around the state in 2008. Its purpose will be to inform community leaders about TDCAF, raise awareness about the importance of excellence in prosecutor training, and generate funding for the foundation. Thanks to Tom Krampitz, TDCAA’s former executive director, who has been instrumental in launching this endeavor.

Kudos also to Teresa Clingman of Midland and Sherri Tibbe of San Marcos for devoting their time and energy to writing endorsement letters supporting TDCAF to funders in their districts. This is a simple way to bring the TDCAF message home to local communities and to show your support of TDCAF, Texas prosecutors, crime victims, and your community. I will be asking many of you to consider doing the same.

I look forward to seeing you all in 2008 and visiting with you about how you can help in TDCAF’s growth! Thank you for your genuine support and excitement about the foundation. As always, if you have any questions or ideas, please call me at 512/474-2436.

Recent gifts

Kevin Acker, County Attorney in Ward County
Teresa J. Clingman, District Attorney in Midland County
Laurie K. English, 112th Judicial District Attorney in Pecos, Crockett, Reagan, Sutton, and Upton Counties, in honor of the 112th DA’s office staff and three successful years together
Gail Ferguson, TDCAA Administrative Assistant, in memory of Donnie Bybee, father of Becky McPherson, 110th Judicial District Attorney
David L. Finney, Assistant County and District Attorney in Ellis County
Ramon Gallegos, County and District Attorney in Terry County, in honor of G. Dwayne Pruitt
Russell Hardin, Jr., Attorney at Law in Houston
Richard Reagan Hicks, III, Criminal District Attorney in Caldwell County
Douglas W. Howell, III, Assistant District Attorney in Brazos County
William D. Kleine, friend of TDCAF in Midland
Vicki Howard Pattillo, 25th Judicial District Attorney in Guadalupe, Gonzales, and Lavaca Counties
Lynn Switzer, 31st Judicial District Attorney in Gray, Hemphill, Lipscomb, Roberts, and Wheeler Counties
Russell D. Thomason, Criminal District Attorney in Eastland County
Jody K. Upham, County Attorney in Crocket County
James R. Young, Assistant District Attorney in Travis County