September-October 2010

Mike Burns and John Bradley honored

Mike Burns earns DPS praise and award

Since he took office as district attorney for the 29th Judicial District in 2007, Mike Burns has prosecuted numerous defendants involved in the manufacturing and distribution of methamphetamine in Palo Pinto and surrounding counties. In late June, Jack Webster, commander of Texas Department of Public Safety Region 1, recognized Burns’ work with a Regional Commanders’ Award.

    Burns received the award because he was instrumental in the indictment and prosecution of 63 defendants in five separate drug trafficking organizations involved in making and distributing methamphetamine. Lt. Doug Wood of the local DPS Criminal Investigations Division (CID), which investigates narcotics cases in a six-county area, nominated Burns for the award.

    “It is extremely flattering and gratifying,” Burns said of the honor. “The rewarding point of it is the ability to work in conjunction with such professional people. We’re able to achieve these successes because of the dedication and perseverance of the narcotics officers.

    “As a prosecutor, I have worked with some of the finest law enforcement in the area,” he added. “You are only as good as the officers who bring cases.”

    Burns said one of his goals has been to target organized crime related to the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine and cocaine in and coming to Palo Pinto County. He said part of his plan targeting these crimes is “to cut the head off the snake” and slow down the incidences of organized crime.

    “I think it is well deserved,” said DPS Sgt. John Waight of the DPS honor. “Mike serves a capacity that is invaluable to us as investigators. We put in the work and effort and he’s the one who makes it all come together. He puts the glue to it and holds it together.”

Bradley presented with Moxie Award

On Monday, July 19, at the Behavioral Health Institute Conference held at the Austin Conference Center, Calvina Fay, Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation, presented the prestigious Moxie Award to state Senator Florence Shapiro, District Attorney John Bradley in Williamson County, and anti-drug activist Jon Cole for their steadfast efforts in drug prevention.

    Senator Florence Shapiro, John Bradley, and Jon Cole are committed to supporting anti-drug issues, as well as combating efforts that seek to destroy drug prevention, treatment and law enforcement. The three recipients are all well known for being key stakeholders for the health and wellbeing of Texas residents, especially the children.

    “All three of these individuals demonstrate an extraordinary amount of dedication to combating substance abuse and furthering drug prevention throughout the great state of Texas,” said Calvina Fay. “It was with great pleasure that I was able to honor their hard work and multiple achievements with our Moxie Award.”

    Drug Free America Foundation’s Moxie Award was established in 2006 to honor those who demonstrated outstanding courage and leadership in preventing substance abuse and keeping children safe from the harms of drugs.

    Drug Free America Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting drug use, drug addiction and drug trafficking and to promoting effective sound drug policies, education and prevention.

    Congratulations to all on these honors!