March-April 2018

‘One riot, one ranger’ might apply to prosecutors too

Rob Kepple

TDCAF and TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

You have been reading about how the Foundation has launched and supported the development of the Prosecutor Management Institute (PMI for short). It has been a very popular effort, and we are busy rolling out the Fundamentals of Management course (the first training module) around the state. Our goal is to get everyone trained in a sustained effort and add additional courses on hiring, evaluation, and the “nuts and bolts” of human resources in the near future.
    But the work of PMI is not just for those who manage other people in an office—and here is why: Of the 337 elected prosecutors in Texas, 144 are solo shops. Now that is another example of “One Riot, One Ranger,” the longtime mottor of the Texas Rangers. There is much lore surrounding the phrase, but it neatly captures what you do every day. We are keenly aware that as a solo district or county attorney, you often face a “riot” of other folks in your criminal justice community—the sheriff, chief of police, county judge, district judge, commissioners, probation officers, and more. To be successful, you must have the tools to influence them to go in the right direction, and we have the tools for you to do just that with PMI. Keep your eye out for leadership and management training for elected prosecutors coming soon.
    Thanks again to the Foundation Board for supporting the sustained training. This effort would not have gotten off the ground but for the Foundation’s—and your—support.

2017 Annual Report
The Foundation had a very active year in 2017, and you can review its work in its Annual Report, titled Building Bridges & Making Connections. (A PDF of it is below.) The Foundation hit its budget marks and spent a little more than originally planned in developing the Prosecutor Management Institute course. And, of course, the Foundation jumped in to help those who were wiped out by Hurricane Harvey, and I am very happy about that.
    I’d like to thank our major sponsors listed in the report; they are good people who care about our profession. And I really like reading through our list of individual donors: It is gratifying to see how many great friends and supporters you have!