January-February 2011

Recent gifts to TDCAF*

Frank Allenger, III
David Douglas Arnold
Bee County District Attorney’s Office
Robert Allan Bianchi, Jr. In Memory of Marvin and Rose Geffert, Jr.
Robert Newton Bland,  IV**
Barbara Bailey Bogart
Billy Wayne Byrd**
Ezequiel Cavazos
Charles Brandon Clegg
Billy John Edwards
David L. Finney
Jack C. Frels
Robert K. Gill
H. E. Bert Graham
Pat Hennig
Cody Grant Henson
David George Hilburn
Doug Lowe
Allan W. McGraw In Honor of Carol S. Vance
Ray Montgomery In Memory of The Honorable Jimmy James
Aida Palacios
John C. Prezas
Ricky Sauceda
Scott A. Say
John W. Segrest**
Randall Coleman Sims
Jane Starnes
Marcia T. Taylor
The USAA Foundation
Terry J. Vogel
Rainey Webb In Memory of Joel A. Durrett
Carl James Weyrich, Jr.
Howell Williams
Williamson County District Attorney’s Office
Mark Yarbrough**

* gifts received between October 5 and December 7, 2010
** restricted gift