September-October 2010

Recent gifts to TDCAF*

Isidro R. Alaniz**
Alva Alvarez
Brian M. Baker In Memory of David Laibovitz
Jane Lundy Belazi
Dwight Bogart
T. Patrick Bostick
Timothy J. Cariker
Laurie English In Honor of Carol Vance
David L. Finney In Honor of Joe F. Grubbs
Melissa K. Hightower
Maria E. Hinojosa
Jimmy R. Isbell
Helen McDaniel Jackson In Honor of Carol S. Vance
Martha N. Jones In Honor of Ray Montgomery
The Honorable James H. Keeshan
Gordon K. LeMaire
LifeSafer Interlock
Hope Lochridge In Honor of W. Clay Abbott
Nicole D. Lostracco**
Doug Lowe
Anna Lee McNelis
Bob and Adell Milam In Honor of Carol S.  Vance
Laura Patel
The Honorable Ted Poe
Brendan H. Robbins
Rhonda K. Rogers
Vincent Ryan
Smart Start, Inc.
Michael Turner
Jody K. Upham
Jeff Van Horn In memory of Matthew Paul
Diane R. Wilson
Kimberly Annette Witman
Kevin Patrick Yeary
Gary Duane Young**

*    gifts received June 10 to
    August 12, 2010
**    denotes restricted gift