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July-August 2012

Recent gifts to the Foundation*

Carolyn Allen In Memory of Andy M. Tobias   
Richard B. Alpert               
Bernard W. Ammerman
Gordon V. Armstrong
Amenda Arnold
Ronald Banerji
Ronald Kent Birdsong
Barbara Bailey Bogart           
Jaclyn Borcherding In Honor of Doyle E. Hobbs Jr.
Teddy Patrick Bostick
John & Leslie Bradley
Gary Lee Brittain
Bruce N. Bryant           
Michael Henry Carlson   
Rebecca Dodds Clarke           
Don & Susan Cox In Memory of Suzanne McDaniel   
A. W. Davis Jr.       
Clinton Jarrod Davis               
Jewelll Davis In Honor of Amber Davis
Clifton Davison           
James M. Eidson               
David A. Escamilla       
Davye J. Estes In Memory of Tim Curry
The Honorable Larry Gist       
Richard E. Glaser           
H. E. “Bert” Graham In Memory of The Honorable Theodore Paul Busch
The Honorable Ira Royal Hart   
Howard Wallace Hatch Jr.
Heath Alan Hemphill           
Fred S. Hernandez       
James Benton Hicks           
Steven M. Hollis
Jerry Holmes               
Seth Patrick Howards               
Pete Inman       
Anne Marie Potts Jackson In Memory of Susan Scolaro & Larry B. Ladd       
Crawford Long In Memory of Lynn Malone           
Doug Lowe       
Marion McDaniel In Memory of Suzanne McDaniel           
Richard J. Miller       
Martha Ann Montgomery-Moran In Memory of Asa Lynn Ellis       
John A. Neal           
Carolyn C. Olson In Honor of Ken Sparks   
John C. Paschall
Personal Development Seminars
Recordbuck Ranch, Inc.           
Fred G. Rodriguez               
Donnis M. Scott                   
Sara Ruth Spector In Memory of The Honorable John Hyde           
TDCAA staff In Memory of Suzanne McDaniel   
Wayne E. Springer       
William J. Stroman Jr.           
Sullivan Funeral Home, Inc.   
Marcia T. Taylor   
William Grover Thompson
Jody K. Upham           
Paul S. Watkins   
Lonny Watson       
Dale E. Williford
Kevin Patrick Yeary In Memory of The Honorable Bill M. White

* denotes gifts made between April 6 and June 4, 2012