March-April 2008

Recent gifts to the TDCAF

W. Clay Abbott, TDCAA DWI Resource Prosecutor, in memory of the Honorable Susan Scolaro
Eduardo Arredondo, County Attorney, Burnet County
Diane Beckham, TDCAA Senior Staff Counsel, in memory of Matthew Paul
Elmer C. Beckworth, Jr., District Attorney, Cherokee County    
Dan V. Dent, 66th Judicial District Attorney
Tanya S. Dohoney, Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County, in honor of Richard Alpert
Tanya S. Dohoney, Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County, in memory of Paul Gartner
Carl L. Dorrough, Criminal District Attorney, Gregg County
Billy John Edwards, 259th Judicial District Attorney
Kathryn J. Gilliam, County and District Attorney, Falls County
William Gleason, County and District Attorney, Marion County
Gail Ferguson, TDCAA Administrative Assistant, in memory of Alejandro Arcadio Armendariz
Phillip Hall, Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Bastrop County
Ronald D. Hankins, County Attorney, Somervell County
Russell Hardin, Jr., Attorney at Law in Houston
Richard E. Harrison, District Attorney, Kaufman County
Staley Heatly, 46th Judicial District Attorney
William Lee Hon, Criminal District Attorney, Polk County, in memory of Joe Price
Barry and Jane Macha, Criminal District Attorney, Wichita County
Bill Moore, County Attorney, Johnson County
R. B. Morris, County Attorney, Archer County
Rene Pena, 81st Judicial District Attorney
Julie Renken, County Attorney, Washington County
Donnis M. Scott, County Attorney, Lynn County
John Segrest, Criminal District Attorney, McLennan County
Joseph J. Skrivanek, III, County Attorney, Burleson County
Don A. Smyth, Assistant District Attorney, Harris County, in honor of Terry Wilson
Ty M. Sparks, County Attorney, Hemphill County, in memory of Danny Hill
John E. Terrill, District Attorney, Erath County
F. Duncan Thomas, District Attorney, Hunt County
David Wallace, County Attorney, Sutton County