January-February 2009

Recent gifts to the TDCAF

ABC Bank, Friend of TDCAF, Lubbock
Ben Barnes, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Dan Boulware, Chair of the TDCAF Advisory Committee, Cleburne
Tom Bridges, Former District Attorney (retired), San Patricio County
Joseph D. Brown, Criminal District Attorney, Grayson County
Judge Richard W. Carter (retired), Crime Stoppers USA, Arlington, in memory of Danny Hill
The Honorable Cathy Cochran, Court of Criminal Appeals, Austin
James R. Cochran, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Don and Susan Cox, Friends of TDCAF, Austin
Tim Curry, Criminal District Attorney, Tarrant County
M. H. Crockett, Jr., Friend of TDCAF, Austin
William Jewell Davis, M.D., Friend of TDCAF, Lubbock
Clare S. Dawson-Brown, Assistant District Attorney, Travis County
Warren Diepraam, Assistant District Attorney, Harris County
John P. Dodson, County Attorney, Uvalde County
Patricia K. Dyer, Assistant Criminal District Attorney, Taylor County
Mark Edwards, former 32nd Judicial District Attorney
David Escamilla, County Attorney, Travis County
Mary Margaret Farabee, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
David L. Finney, Assistant County and District Attorney, Ellis County
First Bank & Trust, Friend of TDCAF, Lubbock, in honor of Matt Powell
Patrick L. Flanigan, 36th Judicial District Attorney
Timothy M. Flathers, Assistant District Attorney, Midland County, in memory of Imajean Gray
Robert N. Floyd, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
The Honorable Larry Gist, Senior Criminal District Judge, Beaumont
Richard E. Glaser, County and District Attorney, Bonham
H.E. Bert Graham, former Assistant District Attorney, Harris County
David M. Green, 69th Judicial District Attorney
Michael J. Guarino, Friend of TDCAF, Galveston
Kathryn H. Gurley, County Attorney, Parmer County
Tony Hackebeil, former 38th Judicial District Attorney
Russell Hardin, Jr., Friend of TDCAF, Houston
Rick Harrison, District Attorney, Kaufman County
P. Michael Hebert, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Herring Bank, Friend of TDCAF, Vernon
Charles R. (Chuck) Kimbrough, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
The Honorable W.C. “Bud” Kirkendall, Seguin
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Kleine, Friends of TDCAF, Midland
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP
Mike Little, District Attorney, Chambers & Liberty Counties, in honor of Cheryl Swope Lieck, the Honorable Jerry Sparks, the Honorable Jimmy Sylvia, and the Honorable Carroll E. Wilborn, Jr.
Stephen R. Lupton, 51st Judicial District Attorney
Gail McConnell, Assistant District Attorney, Montgomery County, in memory of Matthew Paul
Kenneth Magidson, former District Attorney, Harris County
Bill Milburn, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins, P.C., Friends of TDCAF, Austin
Elizabeth Murray-Kolb, County Attorney, Guadalupe County
Joseph Lynn Nabers, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Woodrow M. (Woody) Roark, Friend of TDCAF, Tyler
Gary R. Rodgers, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Stan Schleuter, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Misti Spacek, Criminal District Attorney, Newton County
Roy M. Spence, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
Tim Sulak, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
John E. Terrill, 266th Judicial District Attorney
Joseph A. Turner, Friend of TDCAF, Austin
E. Lee Walker, Friend of TDCAF, Austin

Note: In the last issue, John Hubert was incorrectly listed as the 105th Judicial District Attorney. John Hubert is actually the District Attorney for Kleberg and Kenedy Counties. We regret the error. ✤