President's Column
July-August 2009

Remembering Tim Curry

Barry Macha

Criminal District Attorney in Wichita County

Texas prosecutors lost a true hero with the death of Tim Curry on April 24. He was a genuinely modest and humble man who was a real difference-maker in his own quiet and conscientious way. All of Texas, not just Tarrant County where Tim served as the criminal district attorney for over 36 years, is richer for his shining integrity and outstanding leadership.

The breadth of Tim Curry’s career of sustained excellence is even more noteworthy than its length. I totally agree with the assessment that there is not another district attorney’s office in Texas that has been so consistently out front on important issues for so many years, so forward-looking on procedures and openness that will ensure justice, or so strong an advocate of justice and victims’ rights. An open file policy, second chances for youthful offenders, electronic case filing, and a strong victims’ assistance program (among the first established in the state) are vintage examples of Mr. Curry’s leadership in action.

Tim often reminded me that the greatest resource in his office (and mine) were the employees. His philosophy was to hire the best people he could and to let them do their job. He expected them to do the right thing and always told them, “Do what you think is right.” And from all accounts he always supported them when they tried to do that. Tim’s staff was second to none.

Over the years I looked to Tim and his outstanding staff for help and guidance on problem cases and in crafting my own office’s policies and procedures. I will always be grateful to Tim for his generous and exceptional assistance and that of assistants such as Alan Levy, Marvin Collins, Ann Diamond, Richard Alpert, David Montague, Miles Brissette, Tracey Kapsidelis, the late C. Chris Marshall, Steve Chaney, and Mitch Poe.

Tim was always a devoted friend and loyal supporter of TDCAA. He and his staff have taken leadership positions within our association, helped provide outstanding training, and authored numerous publications. We are especially fortunate and grateful that over the years Tim provided outstanding assistants including Amy Mills and J. D. Granger to help out in Austin during the legislative sessions.

Tim Curry represented all that is good and honorable about our profession. He leaves behind a record of dedicated and distinguished public service as the longtime Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney. To many he was a friend, mentor, and a role model to be emulated. I am proud and honored to have known and to have been associated with someone who served the public like Tim Curry. ✤