September-October 2007

TDCAF News: Greetings from the Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation!

Emily Kleine

TDCAF Development Director

What an exciting summer it has been. Since I began work as the TDCAF Development Director on May 29, the foundation has been in full swing.  We are finishing up our charter Annual Campaign, having received many gracious donations.  A special thanks to Chuck Rosenthal, Mark Edwards, Randall Sims, Judge Susan Reed, Bruce Isaacks, and Rusty Hardin for contributing sizable amounts to establish the foundation.  Several additional contributions have been received and are most appreciated.  Remember, to acquire new support from outside sources, it is imperative that we have donations from every Texas county.

Thanks to a favorable nod from John Montford, TDCAF asked for and received a sizable grant from AT&T to renovate our website. This new and improved site will allow TDCAA members quicker and more complete access to crucial developments in the law, as well as receive immediate information about upcoming training and publications.

In addition, TDCAF is currently working with a major sponsor to host a statewide training for prosecutors and allied professionals for improved DWI investigation and prosecution. Also, a formal grant has been proposed to secure the underwriting of two vital TDCAA manuals. Several more inquiries are being made to obtain funding for general operating support and future TDCAA projects.  TDCAF’s vision for the future includes funding a statewide victim services coordinator position, a new appellate attorney, improving educational resources for training seminars, and much more.

We are well on our way to improving services for our members, ultimately creating a safer Texas.  To reach our maximum potential, we need you! I am asking that you be a living part of TDCAF’s launch into excellence. The more funding we secure—through individual donations, asset forfeiture, and corporate and foundation donors—the more programs TDCAA is able to develop to ensure the safety and security of your communities. I am eager to visit with each one of you. Please feel free to call me at 512/474-2436 with any ideas or questions you may have.