March-April 2009

Ten dollars from every member

Rob Kepple

TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

I want to start this message by thanking our former development director, Emily Kleine, who has moved on to new challenges, but in her time here she has gotten the foundation humming like a well-oiled machine. I appreciate her hard work.

Our 2009 Annual campaign is now underway! You will hear more about it as the year progresses, but our goal is simple: to fill in the Texas map so that every county has donated. How can assistants, investigators, and key personnel help? We are asking for your donations in the most modest of amounts: $10. Such a show of support from the people who will benefit from the training and programs offered through the foundation will make all the difference as we seek enduring money from corporate contributors. And our members’ small contributions will make a real difference as we build the future of our profession.

During this year, we will give you plenty of opportunities to show your support at conferences, meetings, and through the website at


I want to thank those who have elected to give to the foundation in honor or in memory of a special person. Many of you have found that a memorial gift to our cause is a good way of expressing deep appreciation to a special person as well as supporting our cause of making Texas a safer place for all.

Such gifts can take many forms. I would like to mention a special gift from folks at the Tarrant County CDA’s Office that was given in memory of Marga Stephens, the sister of prosecutor Letty Martinez. A group of folks at the office, led by Tanya Dohoney and Jane Scribner, made that donation happen.

Another special gift was made by G. Dwayne Pruitt, former County and District Attorney in Brownfield and former TDCAA President. Pruitt made a gift to the foundation in memory of his wife, Carol, a professional educator. My sons’ first reading lessons came from Carol many years ago at some TDCAA dinners. It was wonderful to look up during the festivities and see Carol sitting off to the side reading to my boys. Thanks, Dwayne, for a donation with a lot of love in it.

Tom Hanna made a donation in honor of a former Jefferson County Criminal District Attorney, W.C. Lindsey, on the occasion of his retirement. According to Tom, Mr. Lindsey was the right man for the job back in some rough-and-tumble political days in the late 1960s and showed great judgment—with the possible exception of hiring Tom!

Another trend has been for some offices to throw in together and send in a group donation. The Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office has been a big across-the-board contributor when we first got up and running. Recently, the Walker County CDA’s Office and the Potter County DA’s Office have been running neck and neck with shows of support from across the office.

Thanks to you all. Your show of support is gratifying and important as the foundation grows.✤