January-February 2017

Texas Prosecutors Society’s Class of 2016

Rob Kepple

TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

We were pleased to host a Foundation reception in December to honor the newly inducted class of 2016 into the Texas Prosecutors Society. The Society, the brainchild of the former Foundation President Dan Boulware, was created to recognize those who have demonstrated excellence in the profession and dedication to justice, whether they serve as a prosecutor, judge, or member of the loyal opposition, or are now retired from the criminal justice arena.  Membership is by invitation only, with 132 members invited and joining in the first five years. You know someone is a member if they proudly wear a sterling silver pin we had designed and made specially for this society.
    Besides gathering once a year, Society members invest in the future of our profession by supporting the Society’s endowment fund. This fund, established five years ago along with the Society, is modest at $170,000 but is growing quickly. Thanks to these visionary leaders who are providing support for excellence in our profession well into the future.
    Below is the list of all of the new members. Congratulations to all!

Texas Prosecutors Society Class of 2016

Kari Sckerl Allen (Polk County ADA; former Harris County ADA)
Murff Bledsoe (former Bell County ADA)
Don Clemmer (former Harris County ADA, Travis County district judge, Deputy AG, Criminal Justice Counsel to the Governor, and now a Travis County ADA)
Judge Cathy Cochran (former judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals, Harris County ADA, and Criminal Justice Policy Advisor to the Governor)   
Justin Cunningham (Ector County ADA)
David Finney (Dallas County ACDA)
Lynn Hardaway (former Harris County ADA)
Kim Judin (former Dallas County ACDA)
Lyn McClellan (former Harris County ADA)
Amanda Navarette (Ector County ADA)
Murray Newman (former Harris County ADA)
Denise Oncken (Harris County ADA)
Jack Roady (Galveston County CDA)
Daphne Session (Houston County CA)
Toby Shook (former Dallas County ACDA)