November-December 2019

Thanks to Rusty Hardin

By Rob Kepple
TDCAF and TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

The Foundation exists as a way for those who love the profession of prosecution to support and grow the ability of our association to serve you.

This vision is nothing less than an ever-increasing ability to support Texas prosecutors so that when it is time to stand up and announce, “The State is ready,” you know that you are.
There is not a more enthusiastic supporter of our profession than former Harris County Assistant District Attorney and current defense attorney Rusty Hardin. No doubt many of us have prosecuted with Rusty, and many of you have opposed Rusty in the courtroom.
Either way, you should know that at TDCAA’s 2005 Board dinner in conjunction with the Annual Update in Corpus Christi, we first discussed the creation of an educational foundation to support the mission of TDCAA. Rusty was so enthusiastic about the idea that he asked for a pen. He insisted that he be the first person to donate to the new Foundation, and on that evening’s dinner menu wrote his pledge for the first $10,000 donation. Of his own money. I kept that dinner menu, and sure enough, Rusty was the first donor when the Foundation launched the next year.
It seemed only fitting that we honor and recognize him at this year’s Board dinner, again in conjunction with an Annual conference in Corpus Christi—and yes, that’s a framed copy of that dinner-menu pledge from so many years ago in the photo below!

Rusty Hardin (at right with his framed menu) and I at the Board dinner in Corpus Christi.

Rusty’s enthusiasm has not waned over the years—he is still the biggest personal donor to the foundation by far.
Thank you Rusty, on behalf of all of us!