March-April 2021

The 2020 Annual Report

By Rob Kepple
TDCAF & TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

The 2020 Annual Report of the Foundation is now available below as a PDF. It discusses the slower year the Foundation had in terms of donations, presumably because of COVID-19, but we also saw gains in the fledgling endowment fund and offered crucial and timely support to TDCAA to ramp up our online training! Thanks to Foundation leaders—we couldn’t have done it without you.

In memoriam

I am saddened to report that in the last couple months we lost two former TDCAA presidents and leaders in the profession. Oliver Kitzman served two stints as a district attorney for Waller, Fayette, and Austin Counties, separated by a long career as a district judge. Oliver was the President of TDCAA in 1974, back in the association’s formative years.  He stepped up time and time again to support prosecutors as the profession moved to professionalize in the late 1970s. 

            David Williams, former County Attorney in San Saba County, was a cornerstone of the legal community for over two decades. He was a doer as well, serving on a multitude of state and local organizations that aimed to improve life for children in Texas. David has the distinction of having served as president of TDCAA for two straight years, 2006 and 2007 (because of the retirement of the current president while he was President-Elect). He was a steady hand at the wheel.

            Both men have the distinction and honor of being in the inaugural class of the Texas Prosecutors Society, a group known as the Founding Fellows. Thanks to Oliver and David for leaving such a legacy for future Texas prosecutors. I am honored to have worked with them!