May-June 2008

The foundation is in full swing

Emily Kleine

TDCAF Development Director

The Texas District and County Attorneys Foundation has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent weeks, thanks to the energy generated by the Champions for Justice event in Fort Worth on April 17. The event, honoring longtime Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Tim Curry, has allowed me the pleasure of meeting with several new sponsors in the Fort Worth area. Be on the lookout for an extended recap of the event in the July–August issue of this journal.

I have been on the road to West Texas and the Galveston area. Midland, Ozona, Sonora, and Odessa came through with generous contributions, thanks to encouraging support from Teresa Clingman (Midland County District Attorney), Laurie English (112th Judicial District Attorney), and Bobby Bland (Ector County District Attorney). And a very special thanks to the John L. and Maurine Cox Foundation (Midland), which underwrote the cost of the additional books needed for our recent DWI Summit, Guarding Texas Roadways.

I also traveled southeast to visit with Mike Guarino (Galveston), Jerilynn Yenne (Brazoria County Criminal District Attorney), and Kurt Sistrunk (Galveston County Criminal District Attorney). Kudos to Mike, Jeri, and Kurt for their willingness to generate funding for the foundation in their local communities.

As always, I remain enthusiastic to visit with you regarding the foundation. If you would like to have an event in your area, honor or memorialize a friend, colleague, or family member, or simply discuss ideas pertaining to the foundation, please call me at 512/474-2436.