January-February 2014

The Giving Tree is growing

Rob Kepple

TDCAA Executive Director in Austin

At the 2013 Annual we announced a partnership between TDCAF and The Giving Tree Network. Simply put, if you begin your online shopping through www.ShopTDCAA.com, the Foundation will receive the online referral sales commission of 2–8 percent, which usually goes unpaid. Even with small purchases, the numbers add up. It is a way that you can support your professional association with the click of your mouse.
    Thanks to Sarah Wolf, our TDCAA Communications Director and resident Creative Crafts Consultant, who developed and executed the plan to give all those attending the Key Personnel and Victim Assistance Coordinator Seminar a gift bag filled with wonderful things purchased through www .ShopTDCAA.com. What a great way to introduce y’all to the network!  And it gives us a great response when you ask, “What can I do to help the Foundation?” Our answer:  “Just go online and buy yourself something nice!”      

Thanks to Bert Graham
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the 2013 President of the Foundation Board of Trustees, Bert Graham. Bert is a former Harris County First Assistant District Attorney and currently serves that office in an “of counsel” role (his full-time job today is remodeling the family ranch house in La Grange). Bert has been an engine of productivity this year and has kept the Foundation and our profession close to his heart. We aren’t letting his energy and enthusiasm get away from us any time soon, that’s for sure.

Honoring the Founding Fellows of the Texas Prosecutors ­Society
In conjunction with the Elected Prosecutor Conference, the Foundation sponsored a reception to honor those who have joined the Texas Prosecutors Society in 2013. It is a distinguished group, and they are listed below.
    We are honored that this class of inductees completes the Founding Fellows of the Prosecutors Society. The society will grow by leaps and bounds in the future, but the first 106—representative of the 106 years that prosecutors organized as an association before the Foundation was created—will stand apart as the bedrock of something very special. What is even more significant is that the society in 2013 has made another generous contribution to the TDCAF endowment. It is in its infancy yet, but we are proud of those who have the foresight to plan for the future of this noble profession we hold so dear.

2013 inductees to the Texas ­Prosecutors Society

Johnnie Actkinson
Mike Anderson
Dustin H. Boyd
Don Davis
Dan Dent
James Eidson
Anton E. Hackebeil
Charles Kimbrough
Kenda Culpepper
Brett Ligon
Andy McMullin
Karen Morris
Sherri Wallace Patton
Ross Rommel, Jr.
B.J. Shepherd 
Steve Smith
John Terrell
Bill Torrey
David Williams