Welcome to the Texas Prosecutors Society

Rob Kepple

TDCAA Executive Director in Austin
I am very pleased to announce the 2017 inductees into the Texas Prosecutors Society. As you are aware, the Society was formed to bring together those who have demonstrated commitment and support for the profession of prosecution. A select group is nominated by the Foundation Board each year. The Society gathers annually in conjunction with the Elected Prosecutor Conference in December, and new members are awarded the sterling silver Texas Prosecutors Society pin.
    Welcome to these new members!
Jay Aldis
Nelson Barnes
Ryan Calvert
John Fleming
Jana McCown
Katherine McDaniel
Greg Miller
Sunni Mitchell
Larry Moore
Ray Rike
Ed Shettle
Jane Starnes
Jaime Tijerina
Greg Willis
Sharen Wilson
Victor Wisner
Bob Wortham
    Congratulations to a great class!  It is an honor to have you as members and an honor to serve you!

Advanced Trial Advocacy Course
In August, TDCAA, with the generous support of the Foundation, completed another Advanced Trial Advocacy Course at the Baylor School of Law in Waco. This year the course used child homicide as the training case. Years ago, the Foundation received an anchor gift from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office and then-District Attorney Ken Magidson, who was impressed with the need to train trial prosecutors with the best hands-on training possible. The goal was to make sure Texas prosecutors are well-equipped to go into court and fight for the victims of crime. This course has been a great success, and congratulations to this year’s attendees.
    I want to take a moment to thank Dean Brad Toben of Baylor School of Law for his great support of our program. He gives us access to Baylor’s state-of-the-art facility every year, and we are grateful.

A chance to help after Hurricane Harvey
For over 10 years the Foundation has served to support the profession of prosecution through training in trial advocacy, victim services, prosecutor office management, DWI prosecution, and more. It has been a great effort and has paid benefits for our members.
    Then Hurricane Harvey came, and we all realized that we can’t do our jobs if we aren’t secure in our own homes. I am proud that the Foundation Board of Trustees quickly turned the Foundation into a lifeboat for our staff members in need. There is a lot of need at this point, to be sure, but we also have a lot of members. Even a modest donation will make a difference in these extraordinary times, and we’ve made it easy to give online. Click HERE to donate.