Obtaining Backpage.com historical information

For those prosecutors who are still waiting on historical Backpage.com ads as evidence in pending cases, the federal agencies in control of that information are now accepting new requests for that ad information. Here are the instructions for investigators and prosecutors going forward:

In order to obtain historical information from Backpage.com, please email the request to [email protected]. Be sure to include any and all available identifiable Backpage related information, to include: 

  • Backpage posting ID,
  • the date range for ads requested,
  • Backpage URL for the ads,
  • associated IP addresses,
  • spotlight information relating to the Backpage ads,
  • associated email addresses, and
  • associated phone numbers.

Please also include the following case related data:

  • Case name and jurisdiction (Federal, state, or local),
  • Whether there is an upcoming trial date, and
  • Any other pertinent dates or information.

You should receive a completed records certification form with any responsive materials. As before, if you need a Backpage employee to testify regarding records subpoenaed prior to the seizure, email your request to [email protected].

Happy hunting!