Family Violence (2020)

From investigation through trial, the first edition of Family Violence tells prosecutors, officers, and others in the criminal justice system everything they need to know about how to handle prosecution of family violence cases. Written by Staley Heatly, the 46th Judicial District Attorney in Vernon, the book includes checklists, forms, and sample pleadings as well as a narrative that leads readers through every step of the process and offers common-sense tips. A CD that accompanies the book contains forms from the book as well as other helpful resources. (304 pp., $45)

Chapter 1: Scene Investigation

Chapter 2: Post-Arrest: Victim Safety

Chapter 3: Charging Decisions

Chapter 4: Pretrial & Negotiation

Chapter 5: Jury Selection

Chapter 6: Trial

Chapter 7: Expert Witnesses

Chapter 8: Jury Charge & Closing Argument

Chapter 9: Creating a Coordinated Community Response