Mental Health Law for Prosecutors (2020)

Written by four Harris County ADAs (Bradford Crockard, Jeff Matovich, Gilbert Sawtelle, and Erica Robinson Winsor), Mental Health Law for Prosecutors covers the most frequently used procedures when dealing with suspects or defendants with mental health issues. Mental Health Law includes charts, tips, and checklists for assessment, pretrial procedures, and trial. A CD contains sample forms and helpful resources.

Chapter 1: Intake & Early Identification (including early intervention, emergency detention orders, diversion, order and assessment under CCP Art. 16.22, and bond issues)

Chapter 2: Competency (including raising the issue, experts, incompetency findings, types of commitments, forced medication, hold orders, and disposition of criminal proceedings)

Chapter 3: Insanity (including pretrial process, stipulating to acquittal, the not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity (NGRI) trial, jury selection, and experts)

Chapter 4: Specialty Courts (including benefits of specialty court programs, how to start a specialty court)

Chapter 5: Mental Health Records (including state hospital records and HIPAA)

Appendix I: Sample Forms

Appendix II: Statutes