Offense Report Manual (2023-2025)

The Offense Report Manual, written by former Colorado County Attorney Ken Sparks, is intended primarily for patrol officers. The book includes the most common criminal offenses normally encountered by patrol officers, listed in alphabetical order. For each offense, the book lists the basic elements of the offense, necessary details to include in the report, and legal considerations relating to that offense. An appendix includes numerous helpful forms, including:

  • sworn witness statements and confessions;
  • medical release form for the victim, which allows a peace officer to obtain the victim’s medical records;
  • business records affidavit for a records custodian to sign when the medical records are obtained;
  • black box consent form and order;
  • bond conditions;
  • SFST scoring sheet in English and Spanish;
  • DWI interview with warnings;
  • DWI search warrant for blood;
  • legal warnings in English and Spanish for videotaped interviews;
  • list of crimes for reporting an arrest to a school; and
  • trespass warning.