Traffic Stops (2024-26)

From initial sighting of a car on the road through arrest, Traffic Stops leads officers and prosecutors through the permissible ways to approach a traffic stop. Written by TDCAA Senior Staff Counsel Diane Beckham, Traffic Stops includes charts on the most common traffic offenses and important facts to know about each of them, easy-to-read tables on what officers can do at each step of a traffic stop, and plain-English summaries of what the courts have said about arrests, detentions, and searches related to cars, drivers, and passengers.

The 2024 update includes information about how to handle blood draws (and establishing exigent circumstances) following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Missouri v. McNeely and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals’ decision in State v. Villarreal, as well as important updates from recent cases from the U.S. Supreme Court on dog sniffs, anonymous tips, cell phone searches, good faith, and consent.