Texas prosecutors routinely find themselves in supervisory positions without the benefit of management training or experience. Learning by doing is a great strength prosecutors share, but without quality background knowledge or understanding, we improve only by chance.

In response to a growing need for quality management training built with prosecutors in mind, TDCAA is now live with our Prosecutor Management Institute’s first module, Fundamentals of Management. This 2½ -day course is designed to give prosecuting attorneys the necessary tools to become skilled managers. Whether you are the chief of a single court or your county’s elected prosecutor, this course will provide what you need to either begin your managerial path or tweak those skills you already possess. Using state-of-the-art assessment tools and materials developed by prosecutors for prosecutors, module attendees will:

  • Gain insight into your own behavioral inclinations and recognize those inclinations in others.
  • Develop skills designed to harness the natural talents of your team.
  • Examine and understand the value of employing alternative conflict-resolution styles.
  • Identify the core competencies necessary to effectively manage yourself, your team, and your organization.
  • Learn and practice methods to effectively reinforce, correct, and improve your team’s conduct.

This course can accommodate up to 24 attendees and is designed for prosecuting attorneys and staff in supervisory roles. It can be taught to all the supervisors and prospective supervisors in a single office, or the course can be held in a central location for attendees from several offices (as TDCAA’s regular seminars are).

The course costs $500.00 per student.  That cost covers two assessments per attendee, facilitators, and materials.  Training facilities and some associated equipment must be provided by the hosting county. Attendees will be awarded 10.5 hours of CLE.

To schedule a course or request specific information, please contact Kathy Braddock at [email protected].

Keep an eye here and on the general training page for Austin-based standalone courses.  We plan to offer these courses to accommodate offices that have already participated in the training but find themselves on-boarding new staff and offices that are unable to attend a local course en masse.

“Supervising and managing prosecutors today comes with a host of complex issues. The
Fundamentals of Management course is tailor made to provide practical, real-world solutions specific to prosecutors. It is an excellent course that provided us with management tools and concepts that we could implement immediately.”

Kevin Petroff, First Asst. District Attorney in Galveston County

“This management course is exactly what has been needed in our profession for a long time!”

Jarvis Parsons, District Attorney in Brazos County

“Since attending the Fundamentals of Management course, I have implemented many changes in the office, such as weekly staff meetings with agendas and set hours to confer with my staff, and I’ve made adjustments in my communication style with individual employees.”

Tiffany Leal, Chief Civil Prosecutor in Comal County