Registration Fees

Only full-time county or district attorneys and/or their staffs may attend the conference at the $175 or $350 rate. All others must pay $500.

Full-time prosecutors or staff members who pay only the $175 registration fee are entitled to attend all training courses but cannot attend any association functions. An additional association fee of $175 ($350 total) is each participant’s share of costs over and above what the grant allows (for example, excess costs of meals and association overhead). In addition, this fee enables TDCAA to lock in discounted hotel rates and free parking, and entitles the attendee to attend all association functions, including any receptions and lunches.

Online Events: Registration costs will vary by event. Should those costs vary based on status as a county or district attorney and staff, that variance will be reflected on the individual course’s registration page.

Because the CCA and TDCAA are dedicated to providing training to every prosecutor who requires it, full registration-fee scholarships (and standard reimbursement) are available for any elected official or full-time employee of a prosecutor’s office who cannot attend a seminar due to financial hardship.


TDCAA fully understands that its members’ schedules can be interrupted by unexpected court settings and other circumstances beyond your control.  Please know that in the week prior to an event TDCAA becomes obligated to make several non-refundable payments based on your registration for the training.  Thus, cancelling your registration within one week can place a financial burden on TDCAA, a non-profit organization.

If you are registered to attend a TDCAA conference and you are no longer able to attend, cancel the registration by following the directions in your original email. Please let us know as soon as possible. We will cancel your registration and issue a refund if you have already paid. It is best to cancel at least a week in advance. One week before a training starts we must close the website registration so we can process and transport physical sign-in materials to the training site.

We are unable to keep credits or account balances to apply to future trainings. For most cancellations, a refund will be issued for the original registration and a new registration needs to be made on the TDCAA website. If someone in your office would like to take the place of a co-worker that is paid and registered for a specific conference, please let us know and we will do what we can. Sometimes we can swap registrations within a training like this without involving a refund.

For online training, cancellation must be done prior to the activation or release date of the course. Once the online course is active and accessible training content, no refunds or credit transfers may be made.