You will often find the traffic stop was based on what the officer perceived to be a moving violation. Locating the particular violation can often be a difficult process. To assist you, I am including this list of common traffic violations along with the citation to the Transportation Code.

Compliance with traffic control device unsave§544.004
Passing to the left of another vehicle§545.053
Passing in a “no passing” zone§545.055
Unsafe passing to the right of another vehicle§545.057
Driving on improved shoulder§545.058
Failure to drive within a single lane§545.060
Following too closely behind another vehicle§545.062
Passing a school bus§545.066
Improper turn at intersection§545.101
Improper use of or failure to use turn signal§545.104
Failure to signal stop/sudden stop§545.104
Improper stop/Failure to stop at intersection §545.151
Failure to yield right of way at intersection§545.153
Failure to/Improper yield to emergency vehicle§545.156
Improper stopping/parking (i.e. in an intersection)§545.302
Driving at an unsafe speed§545.351
Speed limits when not otherwise posted§545.352
Reckless driving§545.401
Leaving vehicle unattended§545.404
Driving too slow§545.363
Transporting a child without child safety seat§545.412
Failure to wear seat belt§545.413
Transporting child in bed of pickup truck§545.414
Improper backing of vehicle§545.415
Driving with operator’s view obstructed§545.417
Racing (includes rapid acceleration “peeling out”)§545.420
Driving through drive way/parking lot§545.422
Failure to drive within single lane/Unsafe lane change§545.060
Driving without lights on§547.302
Absence of license plate light§547.322
Tail lamp not emitting plainly visible red light§547.322
Tinted windows (i.e. too much)§547.613
Failure to display inspection sticker§548.602
Displaying fictitious inspection sticker§548.603
Operating a vehicle in dangerous mechanical condition§548.604
Striking unattended vehicle§550.024
Striking fixture or highway landscaping§550.025