TDCAA is proud to offer this free, high-quality Rolling Stoned: Investigating and Prosecuting the Drugged Driver training for peace officers.

As always, the state’s best instructors will present great information and lead relevant discussions. 

Over the last 30 years, police and prosecutors have gotten pretty good at detecting and prosecuting the alcohol impaired driver, thanks to SFSTs, lots of training, lots of resources, and then—with “no refusal” programs—we obtained blood evidence of a driver’s intoxication. But these days, we’ve noticed many more drivers who’ve used drugs with their alcohol, or drugs without alcohol. How do these “combination” cases change how officers and prosecutors do their jobs? This course will help answer that question. Its focus is the special issues of drugged driving. The scope of the problem will be addressed first, followed by best practices on the road and in the courtroom. We will cover combination cases, move to marijuana, and discuss illegal drugs, and then address prescription drugs. Forensic toxicologists, lab procedures, DREs, and the ARIDE program will also be included.