Effective Courtroom Testimony – Edinburg

Registration for this course is now open! Registration will close first thing in the morning on June 24, 2024. Space is limited, so please make sure to pre-register ASAP!

TDCAA is proud to offer this free, high-quality Effective Courtroom Testimony training for peace officers and prosecutors to attend in Edinburg on June 28, 2024. You will receive two publications and 6 hours of CLE or TCOLE continuing education credit.

As always, the state’s best instructors will present great information and lead relevant discussions.

Every defense lawyer who advises clients to refuse a breath test admits that officers are arresting for DWI only people that are intoxicated—yet DWI cases are very hard to win in front of juries. One reason is that prosecutors and officers are not conveying to jurors what the officer actually saw at the scene and knows from his training and experience.

This course is dedicated to ethically and professionally presenting officer testimony in DWI cases. Well-crafted reports, effective direct examinations, clear demonstrations, and honest responses to less-than-honest defense tactics on cross will all be discussed, modeled, and practiced.

Below is the Effective Courtroom Testimony 2024 handoutPlease make sure to print the handout and bring it with you to the training. No handouts will be available onsite.