Fundamentals of Management: 2023 Elected Edition

A few years ago, TDCAA formed the Prosecutor Management Institute (PMI) in response to a growing need for quality management training built with prosecutors in mind. Our first course, Fundamentals of Management, was a huge success. To ensure that busy elected prosecutors got a chance to attend, we offered a specialized version of the course to them in 2019 in conjunction with our Elected Prosecutor Conference, and it received rave reviews!

This “Elected Edition” management training is only open to elected prosecutors. In this 1½-day course, district and county attorneys will receive a high-level, content-packed dose of professionally developed training curated specifically for them. Using state-of-the-art assessment tools and materials, attendees will:

• gain insight into their own behavioral inclinations and recognize those inclinations in others,

• develop skills designed to harness the natural talents of their team,

• examine and understand the value of employing alternative conflict-resolution styles,

• identify the core competencies necessary to effectively manage themselves, their team, and the organization, and

• learn and practice methods to effectively reinforce, correct, and improve their team’s conduct.

This course will immediately precede our Elected Prosecutor Conference and take place on November 28 (from 9:00am-6:00pm) and November 29 (9:00am-12:00pm). Please note that registration is separate from the Elected Conference, and seating is limited and will be based on the date of registration. Enrolled attendees will receive an email with links to two online assessments shortly after the November 13 registration deadline. The assessments must be completed prior to the course, but they will not take more than a few quiet minutes. Due to the course’s content density, attendees must plan to be present for the entire program.

The cost of this program is $350.00 per attendee.

This course will be held at the Embassy Suites Frisco. To make reservations at the $139 group rate, call (972) 712-7200. You must mention TDCAA in order to get the discounted rate. You can also click here to book online using TDCAA’ private reservation page. Rates are available until November 7 or until the block is sold out, whichever comes first. This hotel offers a free hot breakfast, a complimentary manager’s evening reception, and free internet in guest rooms. Overnight and day self-parking is $5.00.

Standard Reimbursement Policy: TDCAA will reimburse only eligible ­prosecutors and prosecutor office employees up to the GSA rate per night for two nights’ stay at a hotel. Due to the increase in hotel reimbursement, TDCAA will no longer reimburse for meals.  Additionally, TDCAA will not reimburse for travel, registration fees, hotel tax, parking, taxi costs, or other ­extraordinary expenses. All other expenses are your own.