*Cancelled* Prosecuting DWI – Tyler

*Due to low registration numbers, this course has been cancelled. Please check out the below brochure for other available cities and dates for this training.*

TDCAA is proud to offer this free, high-quality Prosecuting DWI training for prosecutors to attend in Tyler on June 10, 2022. You will receive two publications, a handout and 4 hours of CLE credit *This course does not offer TCOLE continuing education credit as it is meant for just prosecutors*.

This course is designed to follow up TDCAA’s Prosecutor Trial Skills course that is put on every January and July. It will go deeper into prosecuting a DWI than TDCAA can at that course, which covers every part of the job and every kind of case. If you have not been able to attend TDCAA’s Prosecutor Trial Skills course before, you would still benefit from this course and should still attend since trying DWI cases is still on your plate as a prosecutor. This course is also recommended for experienced and even very experienced prosecutors.

DWI cases and impaired driving cases pop up. This short course will be the perfect refresher. In addition, the format of this class is very discussion oriented, we could use your experience.