Prosecutor Trial Skills Course

Anyone who is new to a prosecutor’s office (less than six months on the job) should plan to attend TDCAA’s Prosecutor Trial Skills Course. It’s a full week of intensive training that prepares newly hired prosecutors for their work both in the courtroom and out. Seasoned faculty advisors are assigned to small groups of attendees to answer questions and direct discussions at each table, and two aspects of trial—jury selection and opening statement—are demonstrated by veteran prosecutors. Other elements of trial are covered, from opening statements to closing arguments, as are DWI and domestic violence prosecution (two of the most common offenses new prosecutors handle), plea bargains, probation revocation hearings, and motions to suppress. There’s even an optional forum on Class C misdemeanors for those prosecutors who practice in JP or municipal courts. New prosecutors won’t want to miss this intensive, high-quality training customized especially for them! 

Due to ongoing pandemic related concerns, registration for this course will initially be capped at 90 attendees.  Lunches will be boxed, and currently, no reception events are planned.  As demand rises and other conditions permit, we will revisit these parameters.  If registration is full, please check back periodically for potential increased capacity.

To make reservations at the $129 group rate, call (800) 843-6664 and press option 1. You must mention TDCAA in order to get the discounted rate. Rates are available until June 21 or until the block is sold out, whichever comes first. This hotel offers complimentary airport shuttles and free self-parking.

The conference will begin at 4:00pm on Sunday, July 11 and will adjourn around noon on Friday, July 16.

A password will be sent to registered attendees one week prior to the event to download materials.

A QR code will be provided at the conference to evaluate each talk and its presenter.

Standard Reimbursement Policy: TDCAA will reimburse only eligible ­prosecutors and prosecutor office employees up to $94 per night for five nights’ stay at a hotel.  Due to the increase in hotel reimbursement, TDCAA will no longer reimburse for meals.  Additionally, TDCAA will not reimburse for travel, registration fees, hotel tax, parking, taxi costs, or other ­extraordinary expenses. All other expenses are your own.